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Superb “Blue Eyed Soul” From 1969 By Detroit’s “Flaming Ember”
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  1. Gary VanDecar said on 23-12-2014

    Nothing like Detroit Blue Eyed Soul 1969.

  2. orangeman said on 23-12-2014

    I was take’n back when I found out the lead was White………… am I
    but I could never sound this good.

  3. the ranger said on 23-12-2014

    There actually is a better live version of this, check it out…The
    Flaming Ember Mind Body and Soul live.

  4. Johnny Johnson said on 23-12-2014

    Flaming Ember at their best… Westbound no.9, Mind Body and Soul, Shades
    of Green, Stop the World and Let Me Off, and many more

  5. Arnie white said on 23-12-2014

    WOMC 104.3 in Detroit still plays this occasionally, love this blue eyed

  6. texascoast1 said on 23-12-2014

    CKWW 580 AM Detroit!! I live across Lake Erie in Oberlin OH. The radio
    station on which I first heard the song 42 years ago, then again, on the
    same radio station, 580 AM, 42 years later in Nov 2013. Back then it was

  7. smokiebird06 said on 23-12-2014

    I would have bet my left nut that these guys were black and I’d be wearing
    pants that fit a lot better now.

  8. Marcus Joyner said on 23-12-2014

    I’m in Memphis and shockingly there really isn’t a station here that plays
    the blues or soul. Thank god there’s a small station in Forrest City AR
    that plays a lot of classic blues rock and soul.

  9. Marcus Joyner said on 23-12-2014

    This a great song. Rock n Soul

  10. KatsinVoorhees said on 23-12-2014

    WIBG Radio 99 – Philly back in the day!

  11. Gypsy Michaels said on 23-12-2014


  12. Teresa Carella said on 23-12-2014


  13. DOlivia Inglis said on 23-12-2014

    A timeless expression of love in a closed relationship often for one, if
    not the other. I loved this song & once had it. Thanks. I wasn’t sure I.

  14. Carol Yeatman said on 23-12-2014

    always love this and this for my stashie from his one and only stashies
    girl carol

  15. tropicalpancake56 said on 23-12-2014

    Perfection as always…

  16. Bill Kilburg said on 23-12-2014

    Detroit All Saints, Detroit St. Gabriels and the Flaming Embers ….The
    late 60s so much SOUL…

  17. Paul Maurice said on 23-12-2014

    One of my favorite motown hits.

  18. MFM412 said on 23-12-2014

    Great song..thanks for posting

  19. charlie8575 said on 23-12-2014

    I don’t think I’ve heard of these guys before. Nice sound to them. Off
    exploring for recordings I go…

  20. thewillismon said on 23-12-2014

    The beginning of this song has always reminded me of “Celebrate” by Three
    Dog Night. Similar keyboard riff, cold start with no intro, same era

  21. francie18 said on 23-12-2014

    This is a perfect record!

  22. charliedontsurf70 said on 23-12-2014

    omg their white?

  23. tropicalpancake56 said on 23-12-2014


  24. UnseenCaller said on 23-12-2014

    Love the song, and the TURNTABLE.

  25. walter matthews said on 23-12-2014

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