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There is no particular exercise that can make the breasts smaller, but losing weight in general will mean losing weight all over the body. Subscribe for more…
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  1. GENE PAUL said on 22-01-2015

    why don’t women want breasts anymore. ????

  2. Amber Dennis said on 23-01-2015

    I’m 20 and have a 36/38ddd so my size is what would be considered nasty.
    The small chested girls are all beautiful because men want small boobs. 

  3. Jeann Rheka said on 23-01-2015

    I am only seventeen and I used to get comments that I am no longer a virgin
    because of my big boobs, and they also keep on warning me that if i will
    become a mom soon, I’d probably have bigger boobs and is going to sag all
    the way down. Please, recommend us something to get rid of this problem :/

  4. Nadia Addai said on 23-01-2015

    My boobs are getting.bigger and bigger. Im only 15 and i barely find bras
    that fit me perfectly. I even have to wear 2 bras at the same time:'(

  5. Laqruisha Mondaine said on 23-01-2015

    I want to have small boobs again!! :(

  6. Janaysha Brown said on 23-01-2015

    I’ll be 22 Saturday and I have had big breast since I was 12. When I
    graduated high school in 2010 they had to be a DD. I got measured again
    last week and now I’m a 36DDD. It’s weird as hell because I’m not fat or
    anything I just have huge boobs. This video kind of made me sad lol. I want
    them to shrink at least to a D

  7. rakhma khalfan said on 23-01-2015

    I am 10 years old and have BIG boobs i really want smaller because BIG
    boobs are hard! I hate boobs!!!!

  8. ian love said on 23-01-2015

    pls HELP me if anyone finds something helpful, pls .pls .pls!!! 

  9. Hussnain Raza said on 23-01-2015

    ap kaha sy aye hain?

  10. NooberGoober said on 23-01-2015

    I did exercise for about 3 years :I My waist and and others parts went down
    boobs stayed the same :I I’m probably doing something wrong maybe it’s my
    diet :I

  11. nachala waters said on 23-01-2015

    Im 13 and have had 34Ds for 2 years. Older guys look at me all the time and
    its disgusting. Some guys only like me for that and its so annoying i just
    want them to be gone. 

  12. kurfufflebbg said on 23-01-2015

    Everytime i walk down the hallway at school or anywhere i go, i always get
    looked at in the wrong way and im sick of it!! I NEED to loose this
    weight!! 🙁 im only 15 & i have big uppers :/ i always wear so many layers
    to cover it up but it never works 🙁 Helpp!! 

  13. Manzu shake said on 23-01-2015


  14. Christy Santangelo said on 23-01-2015

    I need smaller chest
    everywherd I go j get looked at funnh
    im 12 and im a 36a and I HATE it

  15. Maria Gutierrez said on 23-01-2015

    Im a 40H :'(. Waiting on my insurance to approve my breast reduction. I
    can’t take the pain anymore.

  16. Comfort washington said on 23-01-2015

    I’m 16 i’m 5’5 1/2 and i weigh 140 my breast are size 38ddd what the fuck
    everyone looks at them cause my body is thin and then myy ass and breast
    are Hugeee

  17. Mimi Damur said on 23-01-2015

    I know how it is babe… I have the same problem and worst I can’t do
    anything about it! :/

  18. Jillian Ochoa said on 23-01-2015

    I absolutely hate the looks you get from stores clerks when you try on
    stuff bcuz ur young

  19. Nami1503 said on 23-01-2015

    I feel your pain

  20. BUN_FUN_HOBO said on 23-01-2015

    I am 14 year old

  21. elisebean1 said on 23-01-2015

    She’s built like a dude…yuck

  22. Tanya Crous said on 23-01-2015

    The worst is trying to find a dress, always too tight on top and a baggy
    sack past my hips!

  23. optydufinatolal said on 23-01-2015

    believe it or not not all women were designed to cater to the heterosexual
    male desires. your attitude is disgusting and is really one of the many
    reasons why some women turn lesbian. go fap off to your porn you worthless

  24. Eponine Thenardier said on 23-01-2015

    I was drinking A LOT of water (it suppresses hunger) mainly because it was
    hot in the ice cream truck and I had to keep hydrated during those summer
    days anyway. I was eating a bit healthier. I probably drank less pop but I
    didn’t cut it out completely. I love Coca Cola too much! I still indulged
    in my guilty pleasures but I was too busy to do it as much as I normally
    would. I also swam a few days per week/whenever possible. Swimming is
    awesome cardio. Any resistance movement is good. Good luck!

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