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Everything in this video is merely a re-enactment. The actors in this video are fourth year students of BSOT of velez college. Project for OT10.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Corey Civin said on 19-01-2015

    Absolutely NO competent occupational therapist would create a video on
    mental health with that beginning. I am absolutely floored…

  2. Emma 92 said on 19-01-2015

    this video is ridiculous and inappropriate

  3. kiera jenkins said on 19-01-2015

    I watched this to find out what an occupational therapist is because im
    getting occupational therapy because of my mental health problems it looks
    really good i can see why the psychotherapist reccomended this because i am
    a very social person it looks good

  4. whiteypetals said on 19-01-2015

    lol @ 0:53

  5. bkjhgvdsdfbnjghdgcg said on 19-01-2015

    hi 🙂 may i ask you something? is there using korean or English language
    for form, treatment plan?

  6. whiteypetals said on 19-01-2015

    …the woman to the right (Big Bird in flight?).

  7. Forte Lo said on 19-01-2015 a human…am sure there’s a nicer way to bring forth your
    opinion… though I agree with what you said..

  8. nsanenthembrane said on 19-01-2015

    omg what am i watching? a horror film??

  9. Morghan Nunn-Menson said on 19-01-2015

    Very well put together video but as someone who has been in psychiatric
    hospital, recovered and is now training as a O.T (in England) to work in
    mental health, i feel I have to bring your attention to some things. The
    opening scene is HUGELY dehumanising of people with mental health issues.
    It serves only to reinforce stereotypes and create more stigma for those
    recovering from mental health issues. I can’t approve of it.Other issues in
    the video are of a similar nature. Be more humanising.

  10. Sharon Bennett said on 19-01-2015

    This video is horrible and completely inaccurate. That is not what a psych
    ward looks like and as an OT student you should be ashamed of yourself! You
    are definitely downgrading people, increasing the stigma of mental health
    and probably even scaring people who have just been diagnosed with a mental
    illness or their family members. I hope you got an F on this video. I also
    hope you visit a real psych ward to see what it’s really like. I would not
    want you anywhere near my family.

  11. Forte Lo said on 19-01-2015

    Yea….thanks guy for the inspiration! I ‘m an OT student myself. Sort of
    reminds me again why I picked up this profession in the first place ..

  12. MrEonEonEon said on 19-01-2015

    hi~i’m OT in korea. working in a psychiatry hospital…this video is good
    job!!!..but, intro scene is…. feel something wanting…

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