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Check out the Prancercise Website Here: This video shows the 4 modes of Prancercise® .You can visit me at http://www.prancercise.c…
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  1. swadish said on 24-01-2015

    i heard this exercise was popular with the Brony community.

  2. Alex Corson said on 24-01-2015

    I only found out about this because of YouTube Rewind: what does 2013 say?

  3. Daniel Gould said on 24-01-2015

    It looks insane but hell, she’s slim, looks healthy, and clearly gives not
    a single fuck about what people think of it, and is enjoying herself. I’ll
    stick to tai chi for myself, but respect to this lady :)

  4. Mike Hunt said on 24-01-2015

    Two thumbs up for this video. One thumb for finding an exercise you enjoy,
    and another for rocking the camel toe without a care of what others think.

  5. chd wwk said on 24-01-2015

    Say what you want but she’s fit.

  6. CBK BaneBros said on 24-01-2015

    What is the music called on the first part? It was really good. 

  7. Diego Sanchez said on 24-01-2015

    What’s the name of this song?

  8. Alex Carroll said on 24-01-2015

    That is hilarious but she is slim and apears to be fit although she could
    hit the weights 

  9. bullanguero82 said on 24-01-2015

    is that a gazelle? so much grace

  10. Kedar Gadgil said on 24-01-2015

    funny how john travolta walks like this and still looks macho…no wonder he
    is a gay icon!

    thanks for the share +Thomas Hesmert 

  11. Jade Howard said on 24-01-2015

    I love how this was uploaded on Christmas Day x’D

  12. Kimberley B said on 24-01-2015

    Better to be punching into space than in your face! I love it. :)

  13. Ethan S said on 24-01-2015

    i played ACDC’s “Back in Black” over this… its great!

  14. Fauve Fauteux said on 24-01-2015

    If you are bored or just pissed, just prancercise and your spirit will be
    lifted up !

    She’s just too cute! lol

    Original – Prancercise: A Fitness Workout

  15. Jo C said on 24-01-2015

    I wish I looked this good when walking.

  16. Zoe Grabenstetter said on 24-01-2015

    Honestly, she seems really healthy so it could work out.

  17. Austin Newell said on 24-01-2015

    this vid instantly gave me the feeling of the wind, the wind when a storm
    is coming in florida. 

  18. DIY Tara said on 24-01-2015

    ROCK That camel toe gurl! WOO!

  19. Άλκηστη Σαραντοπούλου said on 24-01-2015

    she was a judge on glee

  20. kleman6 said on 24-01-2015

    I’m just here for the music…

  21. Ah London said on 24-01-2015

    I love her. The pink cardi. The costume necklace. The slowed down rock rif.
    And the moves. I absolutely love her.

  22. Nick Ware said on 24-01-2015

    Funny! Prancercise it up!

  23. MissFriponne said on 24-01-2015

    Good for you! It looks like this workout is working great for you. I like
    your energy and enthusiasm. Keep it up. It’s great to see people be
    themselves. I think that workout would probably work great for me too. :)

  24. Steven Leggett said on 24-01-2015

    I can’t stop watching.

  25. Shawn Odom said on 24-01-2015

    Best 5 minutes of my life

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