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Becoming charismatic requires genuineness and empathy. Find out how to be charismatic with tips from a professional psychologist in this free video about sel…
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  1. OmAr LiVeS said on 27-01-2015

    @guarimn You mean like a jedi mind trick?

  2. OmAr LiVeS said on 27-01-2015

    @DownstairsB lol i guess you’re right.

  3. Diana Stoianova said on 27-01-2015

    I looked at some of the posts on here but I reckon that’s a sensible video.
    My sibling wants to get astounding with girls. He figured out a fuck load
    from a website called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The guidance on
    getting chicks at night clubs from Master Attraction got him his 1st
    lustful encounters in a number of long yrs. I became aggravated though coz
    I heard them all.

  4. Kevin Kramer said on 27-01-2015

    @Ironandtheshizzelz I speak words I don’t mean, and mean things I don’t
    say. I conceal my feelings all the time. To others I may seem fake. There’s
    was something wrong once and I learned the wrong lessons. Im not the person
    that I think I am and I try to be someone that Im not. I must assume that
    this perplexing to others. I know that it is extremely confusing to me. I
    can feel like Im fooling everybody but Im not. My feelings, my heart, is
    keep secret. I keep others away.

  5. Kevin Kramer said on 27-01-2015

    @omarlives You are right., a man’s personality(or rather
    lack-of-personality) must be a factor in determining if a person should
    teach charisma. This gentleman truly didn’t appear like a guy that other
    people would be drawn too. He speaks in a monotone voice while he
    eyeballing his viewers like he is absolutely certain that he is the most
    charming person who ever opened his pie hole. Yet, could it be that he
    chose to act that way? In order to fool us…. hmmm maybe this man isn’t

  6. TheUnlucky Clover said on 27-01-2015

    Why do you say that?

  7. TheDeadOneReturns said on 28-01-2015


  8. OmAr LiVeS said on 28-01-2015

    @osha90210 does he come off as charismatic to you!? If you say yes, ur
    never going to be charismatic, ever!

  9. Muhammad Adil Riaz said on 28-01-2015

    Life sucks. My good friend has started dating a ten because 8 weeks ago he
    joined a website called Master Attraction (Google it if you wish to know
    more.) I’m so jealous because I wish to fall madly in love too. I’m going
    to look at this Jake Ayres man’s material. Funny thing is, he once had no
    good fortune with girls. How do you improve that fast? His girl’s a banging

  10. TheWonderer7 said on 28-01-2015

    @TheMeta1 taffey…

  11. vibil raj said on 28-01-2015

    hey listen to yourself first,then go listen to the world.

  12. ShinKou Show said on 28-01-2015

    To put it simply people fear what they don’t understand, cultures and
    faiths are like some of the oldest forms of that there is, hell I’d go as
    far as to say they are the original fanboys. Those internet arguements you
    see all the time? That’s kids stuff, these guys pioneered that shit with
    stuff like “my god is better then your god” etc.

  13. InstructorKM said on 28-01-2015

    His body language is terrible. not for those kind of topic man

  14. matisandy said on 28-01-2015

    you fo real? the guy was a sociapath. the people were only the means of
    achieving power which he did through their social pain and what not.

  15. Rachel Ooi said on 28-01-2015

    perfectie, because hitler was empathetic, he knew exactly what to tell
    people to propagandize.

  16. Kevin Kramer said on 28-01-2015

    You are missing the point you 39 people out of 41 thousand. tisk tisk tisk.

  17. intentx said on 28-01-2015

    @perfectie hitler put himself in post world war one Germany shoes and
    related with everybody and persuaded a strong point that the Jewish people
    and the rich of their hierarchy was the problem and showed a strong level
    of confidence doing so, Charisma is a stretch between confidence, empathy
    and speech

  18. IncubusTR said on 28-01-2015

    cool story bro

  19. jeannedarc2007 said on 28-01-2015

    charisma has nothing to do with empathy. Charisma is how other people see
    YOU, not how you behave yourself. Certain actors for instance are diva’s on
    sets however no one can deny they come across as charming on a movie
    screen. That cannot be taught, contrary to what this man tells you, as it
    strikes with the concept of charisma

  20. Thrustmaster 4000 said on 28-01-2015

    @omarlives He is, that’s his technique.

  21. Luke Cuba said on 28-01-2015

    @perfectie He had empathy for the German people beyond belief.

  22. Gaprielll said on 28-01-2015

    2011 charisma got the wrong understanding. you cant become charismatic, you
    eather are or not. it is omthing that makes people attracted to you,
    without you saying a word. we all have that moment when a person walks in
    the room and sudenly everyone is drawen to him/her. that is charisma. Fx:
    obama is charismatic, but the guy in this video is not. people follow
    mostly strong charismatic people, if you dont belive me just look at the

  23. skeptikulo said on 28-01-2015

    phony = funny ?

  24. IncubusTR said on 28-01-2015

    cool story bro

  25. 9mmeagle said on 28-01-2015

    @weisse007 I believe you just increased your charisma lol I died laughing
    at your comment!!

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