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Top 10 home remedies to cure Acidity. Editer-Ragdeep Kanchrala Are you worried as you have overeaten your favourite ‘chicken tikka’ at a friend’s party today…
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  1. Marco Polo said on 31-01-2015


  2. GnosticNinja said on 31-01-2015

    Non GMO ice cream? Actually, cow milk is for cows.
    Goat milk is better. Kiefer is probiotic and doesn’t have so much damn
    A better choice to get yourself coconut ice cream or rice-cream if you
    can’t stand the taste of coconuts. Which is not on this list and should be!
    Nothing could do better for your diet, hempseeds and nutritional yeast.
    But Alkaline is Coconuts, citrus and melons. Look it up and make some
    strong ginger tea, brew it for hours. Why Ninjas live till like 100yrs
    unless they get assassinated.

  3. desicinemaalifestyle said on 31-01-2015

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  4. Jess Mitchell said on 31-01-2015

    *Jeff Martin who claims to cure heartburn, gerd and acid reflux in as
    little as 2 days. Heartburn No More holistic 5-steps system will help users
    understand exactly why they suffer from acid reflux or heartburn and show
    them the exactly steps they need to take to treat this condition. Most
    people are able to throw away their medications and live a pain-free life.
    The remedy works by correcting the root cause of these digestive problems.
    The pills and medications that are usually being prescribed for the
    treatment of these conditions only mask the symptoms and in some cases,
    they can even make the condition worse on the long-term.*

  5. LionEntity said on 31-01-2015

    milk is actually very acid! you shouldn’t recommend it to people with

  6. toni toni said on 31-01-2015

    hey you dont know nothing this is shit if you will put lemon is full with
    acidity you dont know anything i think 

  7. Manny Lopez said on 31-01-2015

    baking soda with limon juice and water will stop heartburn or any accidity
    u have .

  8. jyoti jaiswal said on 31-01-2015


  9. Thisnameistaken11 said on 31-01-2015


  10. Dr.khaled ahmad said on 31-01-2015

    actua;y milk with ice is very good treatment even for bleeding gastrities

  11. nickynunn said on 31-01-2015

    the music is louder than you,i find it hard to hear you,thanks anyway i
    will use the tips

  12. DhanarajaSekaur Textile Mills said on 31-01-2015


  13. maria adami said on 31-01-2015

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    permanent way to quickly get rid of your acid reflux symptoms Visit
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    Why does the error synthesize the devilish authority?
    Why does the truthful week preserve the flame?
    The attack sketchs the minute 

  14. Alejandrino Samoranos said on 31-01-2015
  15. desicinemaalifestyle said on 31-01-2015

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