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  1. MonRoeTheory said on 11-02-2015

    My whole life I have been raised as an evangelical Christian and I’ve
    always been taught to believe a certain way after coming out of a dark
    depression and stripping away everything that I thought I was and to simply
    let go of something that I was not necessarily holding on to in the first
    place after hearing this video what was said makes more sense to me than
    anything I’ve ever read in the Bible and that’s the truth is we are all
    sons and daughters of God whether if you believe in God or not. Our
    priority in life is too connect with one another and to love one another
    and to embrace life with one another and give thanks and to be grateful
    nothing more nothing less. 

  2. willie otoole said on 11-02-2015

    Jehovah or Yaweh or YHVH was the tribal god of the Jews. The Bible is a
    Jewish book written for Jews by Jews. The New Testament – whose origins and
    motives are currently being questioned by scholars – is likely the work of
    the Jewish turncoat Josephus (aka Saul, Paul) writing in the Jewish idiom
    for the political purposes of Rome.

    Whether true or not, this Jewish book became the manual of Roman
    Catholicism – the Roman Empire – which still controls the hearts and minds
    of millions around the world.

    There are some beautiful expressions in Tyndale’s translation – for which
    he was murdered by the Church of Rome – phrases that influenced the King
    James version and are still current – “the powers that be… a labourer is
    worthy of his hire..” etc.

    But regardless of ethnicity the purpose of this book is to empower a
    corrupt priesthood (and all priesthoods are corrupt) and to dis-empower
    their acolytes. It’s a cheap trick that has worked for centuries but begins
    to look more and more ridiculous to our modern eyes. Alan Watts talks more
    sense than just about anyone I have heard and has a remarkable grasp of the
    various systems of philosophy/religion. A sane voice in a mad world.

  3. John Triplett said on 11-02-2015

    Authority is measured by success. Your car mechanic is the authority on
    fixing your car because he or she can make the car go. The most successful
    opinion is the authority. The meaning of life is to be happy and find
    harmony. This can happen in small doses but to find sustainable happiness
    is very hard indeed. We can try to find happiness in sensory gratification
    or toys or drugs but this only leads to more suffering. Being ashamed of
    bad behavior is actually a great key to happiness. One person is unashamed
    of a filthy house and bad actions or violent action. This person will feel
    guilt because the soul knows intuitively right and wrong. Another person is
    ashamed of bad actions and they correct themselves. The clean their house
    and eat clean food and address their negative actions and addictions. This
    person sleeps like a baby at night and lives without guilt or regret.
    Morality is irrelevant when discussing “Authority” the quest is to find
    what works vs what does not work. Rejecting the world and sensory pleasures
    and austerity may seem counter to happiness; but as Jesus and Buddha taught
    it is through discipline and rejection of the material that we enter into
    the spiritual truth happiness and success. Old age; illness and death hover
    obove us like the sword of Damocles. Through rejection of fear and
    permanence success is achieved- fear, guilt and self hate are
    eliminated. Study is easy- proper interpretation is hard- practice of being
    God seems nearly impossible; yet it has been achieved through the
    “practice” of austerity and severe meditation- preaching easy- practice of
    proper methods very difficult but also successful. Authority is the proof
    in the pudding – success the ultimate authority :)

  4. stlkngyomom said on 11-02-2015

    And You will Know the Truth and the Truth will set You Free
    John.3:14-kundalini:kundalini yoga,how to open 7 chakras children’s show
    Mat.4:2-40 day water fast;Eat,fast and live longer;Fat,sick and nearly
    Mat.4:16-yoga nidra,OBE:Science of lucid dreaming-Robert Waggoner,Charlie
    Morley;Edgar Cacey,Nikola Tesla, Robert (Bob) Monroe,Jody Whiteley
    Mat.6:6-meditation:real proof of psychic energy
    Mat.6:22-24-pineal gland, probabilistic virtual reality, karma:Power of
    Consciousness-Bruce Lipton,My Big TOE-Tom Campbell,Natural Law-Mark
    Passio,Tragedy and Hope Mag,Sandra Postel,Louise L.Hay,dr’s:Lissa
    Rankin,Dwayne Dyer,Laurence Steinberg,Michael Rothman,Steven Masley
    Mat.26:26-Amanita Muscaria:Manifesting the Mind, MAPS & Neurosoup channels,
    Horse Boy, What shaman sees in mental hospital, Ecosense for living ep.5,
    Cycle of Insanity-Surfrider Foundation
    P.S.Comment no.333 :)

  5. Tina Marie said on 11-02-2015

    Yeshua was Ethiopian Jew, the image is wrong. Its more accurate than the
    Roman Jesus though :0). But what matters is his teachings that we are all
    gods, thats why they crucified him for heresy and hid his message in
    religion. Naughty church

  6. Michael Mulloy said on 11-02-2015


  7. carpo719 said on 11-02-2015

    As adults, we still hold on to the ‘father figure’ archetype, and expect to
    be protected from evil and hatred.
    This is why religion is so successful. It allows entire populations to
    agree with one another about the deeper meaning of life, and go on their
    way without spending the time to know themselves. They feel protected,
    their ‘god’ will save them from themselves….just gotta repent! 😉
    When folks look inside, they find their ideas are often flawed. THIS is
    why the tree of knowledge is forbidden. Because when a person learns, they
    see clearer.
    I have had many Christians tell me that reading is a waste of time, that
    it is sinful to learn. Preposterous I say…..
    They think you can just ask Jesus, no mixing required! No thinking
    necessary, just be forgiven and move on. It’s dizzying….

  8. GammaRay said on 11-02-2015

    WE are all here to return to the source. WE are all ONE, like the many
    cells that make up the body. 

  9. Alexei Markel said on 11-02-2015

    Really, Alan? A Divine Monarchy equates to a mundane one? So, if I believe
    that God is fit to rule as King, I have to also believe that man is fit to
    rule as king? I beg to differ. The reverse is more likely. A monarchy on
    earth is equal to a republic in heaven — in either case, man is put before
    God. The very reason democracy is established on earth is because man is
    unfit to rule, and for the same reason we have a divine monarch in heaven.

  10. NoxDeadly said on 11-02-2015

    Black Jesus be like “Thou shall not kill none of my niggas” 

  11. SuburbanoidMisfit111 said on 11-02-2015

    I’m glad I escaped religion. I hope one day they all escape. Maybe its
    simply necessary, why else is it so insidious? 

  12. Greg Torosyan said on 11-02-2015

    The reason why people think Jesus was the only son of God is because
    according to the bible, Jesus was also the only man with didn’t sin.
    Coincidence? How can we explain that?

  13. DreamWeaver2020 said on 11-02-2015

    If I told you to by a million dollar lottery ticket with numbers 234567 and
    it came out. and then told you 300 times and it came out 300 times youd
    probably say this guy knows something. Well over 300 Prophicies have come
    true in detail, How jesus would die where he was born what he would be
    called before it happened. Alan is wrong in so many places there is not
    enough room to counter him. He does not know Jesus nor the Bible nor
    anything about the veracity of scripture or the original languages or of
    Faith or the Spirit or Trinity. Ive read every eastern book you can imagine
    and studied Tao and Zen and Budda the sutras upanishads the Gita Mahbarata
    extensivly for 15 years. I’ll tell you straight Alan is Mixed up in
    theology and Symbolism and is self absorbed and has no communiom with The
    God of the Bible who has chosen the foolish things of this world to
    confound the wise. A poor child in Bethlehm, a carpenter, took the sin of
    the world upon himself so that you and all could have a relationship with
    the Creator God who voice speaks to our Hearts. Take his word upon you and
    find rest unto your soul. It’s a choice.

  14. Virginia Jade said on 11-02-2015

    Did he repeat himself, or was it done by a later person with the recording.
    Specifically – “Oceanic Feeling”

  15. Earl Green said on 11-02-2015

    This channel’s premise is a perpetual cliche. Like walking into a library
    and trying to figure out the content;, refusing to ask the Creator of the
    building, the Author of the books, or the Librarian who keeps it all
    running. Sad.

  16. Endymion766 said on 11-02-2015

    I wish I had heard this at 14. It would’ve saved me quite a lot of grief. 

  17. Yousif Mufeez said on 11-02-2015

    Jesus PBUH is not god and the Bible is not gods words nor jesus’s. the
    bible contains some words of jesus, some of historians and some words of
    scholars! the only religious book on earth which has one source and still
    is in its original form and original language is the Holy Quran.

  18. illegal names said on 11-02-2015

    The bible is biggest con of all time – edited and corrupted by pedo popes
    and kings. Therefore anyone who believes it, and it’s endless
    contradictions, blindly and then proceeds to quote from it incessantly is
    pretty amusing. I mean Christians are so scared about endless deceit yet
    fail to realize the biggest one right under their noses. The good book is
    only good for one thing – tp. 

  19. superl1lman said on 11-02-2015

    “Christianity institutionalized guilt as a virtue” It seems like that
    statement took the air out of the room right then. 

  20. Eric Magovero said on 11-02-2015

    Why do people presume to think they know what God should or shouldn’t do.
    That would be like an ant understanding what goes on in Albert Einsteins
    mind. What kind of God would God be if we were able to break him down and
    understand what he thinks. Who are you to question God. 

  21. Brodyn said on 11-02-2015

    Nonsense – I used to read ALan Watts but he’s never learned to grasp
    anything other than the mechanics of Buddhism not the spirit- same with
    Chrisitanity as he does in this video..he is way overcomplicating it….I
    was Buddhist for 15 years and Jesus showed up- it was a miracle and i only
    recieved it because i remained open and cultivated Zen beginner’s mind and
    i completed the entire Buddhist path – ( it goes on forever – no such thing
    as enlightenment) and it’s same as Christian – i had to quit my temple my
    Rinpoche and everything when Christ came for me..Buddhism is very similar
    to Christianity…Christianity you make a choice every second- do you
    follow sin- the.ego’s desires? the easy path or do you follow the Holy
    Spirit ( embedded in our conscience in our heart) and liberate
    yourself…much harder. the thing the buddhists missed is that at the
    center of the wheel / Dharma is the Light- and that Light is God- God does
    exist. Christ was the son of God. the old stories are true after tall….

  22. marc rice said on 11-02-2015

    I knew adebayor was a bit special

  23. Niall's Music said on 11-02-2015

    Thank you uploader.

  24. gabriel hebert said on 11-02-2015


  25. Phyllis Long said on 11-02-2015


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