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George Carlin’s interview with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show in 1986. George Carlin discusses his showering habits, heart attack, strange health issues, …

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  1. BeyondDestiny said on 20-02-2015

    I find Carlin much funnier than Dangerfield and Rickles…

  2. happybuddyperson said on 20-02-2015

    Unlawful pruning of a city tree. I’ve done that. No one gives a damn! They
    think you are a city worker.

  3. Xien Xiaohui said on 20-02-2015

    I love and miss this man.

  4. Joe Blow said on 20-02-2015

    That Polaroid thing is never gonna take off. 

  5. Taylor Lotsa said on 20-02-2015

    I almost had the pleasure of meeting George Carlin at Borders just nine
    months before he died. He was signing copies of his DVD box set “All My
    Stuff,” as well as his “old stuff” that fans brought from home (yes, we
    didn’t have to pay for his John Hancock). Unfortunately, I was on my lunch
    break and couldn’t get to the front of the line in time, which stemmed from
    George taking his time to actually have a conversation with every one of
    his fans. Usually a book/CD signing conversation is a heartless “What’s
    your name? *handshake* Thanks for the support. Next!” Rest in peace to a
    true class act.

  6. B.L. Ochman said on 20-02-2015

    HeHe George Carlin, describing his son “I think his cheese fell off his
    cracker a long time ago”

  7. stereopolice said on 20-02-2015

    Carlin is the all-time best ever. 

  8. gears5336 said on 20-02-2015

    why was i am i living in a time period where these two legends are dead

  9. youreallbrainwashed said on 20-02-2015

    86? damn looks like 76

  10. TheCobalt100 said on 20-02-2015

    My wife had the same thing–a ringing noise in her ear. The doctors found
    a tiny Princess phone in the auditory canal. They answered it. Now she’s

  11. King Solomon said on 20-02-2015

    White people were so much funnier back in the day. The white guys these
    days aren’t holding it down. (except the Bill Burrs and Louis Ck’s((who’s
    actually Mexican)))

  12. Rachel Alicea said on 20-02-2015

    A new roach spray that doesn’t kill the roach but fills them with
    self-doubt… love it.

  13. David Govett said on 20-02-2015

    Ed McMahon would laugh at a funeral.

  14. SkilesHasFun said on 20-02-2015

    Looks like I’ll be saving up my money for a sweet new camera.

  15. Stephen Taylor said on 20-02-2015

    mofo was the one of the greatest stand-up comics of all time. An absolute
    Master of the language… 

  16. greg55666 said on 20-02-2015

    It’s really interesting that Carlin became funnier the older he got.

  17. Brian Bingham said on 21-02-2015

    His only child, Kelly, was born on June 15, 1963

  18. Terri Spoonemore said on 21-02-2015

    Miss them Many smiles

  19. Ederik Schneider said on 21-02-2015

    #GeorgeCarlin doing his routine on #JohnnyCarson 

  20. jeffthrow6892 said on 21-02-2015

    George Carlin will always be one of my heroes…….simply the best
    comedian of all time…..I seriously miss this guy……

  21. UniversalPotentate said on 21-02-2015

    Who else wants to rush out and get the new SpectraSystem from Polaroid? X’D

  22. SunbeltRyders said on 21-02-2015

    Everybody involved with that interview is dead now.

  23. Shaun Pearson said on 21-02-2015

    It’s comforting that a guy can have a heart attack and live an active life
    for another 22 years

  24. stevenator0281 said on 21-02-2015

    “I stopped having them.” GREAT line!

  25. Mahmood Hasan Choudhury said on 21-02-2015

    Two of the best of all times.
    The greatest 

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