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Public Health: a Return on Investment

Investing in public health is the smart and right thing to do. CPHA, in cooperation with the Canadian Coalition for Public Health in the 21st Century and the…
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  1. Michelle Mueller said on 16-02-2015

    Although it is for Canada, I thought this video showed the benefits of
    public health in a very interesting way! #pubh5850 

  2. Eduardo Thébar said on 16-02-2015

    Salud Pública!!!!

  3. Rodolfo Buccico said on 16-02-2015


  4. HighclimbingFate said on 16-02-2015


  5. Karim Keshavjee said on 17-02-2015
  6. CPHA-ACSP said on 17-02-2015
  7. rowpublichealth said on 17-02-2015
  8. Regina Meza said on 17-02-2015
  9. Eric Mang said on 17-02-2015
  10. mlhealthunit said on 17-02-2015

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