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You can also visit us at Most of us don’t know that 1 out of 4 people in India suffer from a diagnosable mental illness and that…
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  1. Kishor Chakrabortty said on 28-02-2015

    Aamir Khan…You have created emotional attachment with us…It is not a
    commercial show…This show changes life….Make us good person…this
    program make us understand the basic issue about health/society/education
    almost everything. I personally love you about your acting skill…Now I’m
    salute you as a society changing human being…I proud you that Aamir Khan
    is born in India…I again salute you about your effort to change or
    spreeding awarness in our contry…Thanks

  2. Aziz Shaikh said on 28-02-2015

    Respect for Aamir sir… true legend n super human being…. real social

  3. karthigha kaif said on 28-02-2015

    They seem to talk only about medications but how about the different
    therapies & psychotherapy treatments?

  4. Sharon Joseph said on 28-02-2015

    Satyamev Jayate – Season 3 Episode 5

    #Change is #Possible | You can make it #Happen

    Satyamev Jayate Season 3 | Episode 5 | Nurturing Mental Health – Subtitled

  5. sanjeet shah said on 28-02-2015

    salute to aamir sir..good show..laughter is best medicine..try to reduce
    stress in life…share ur problems with ur friends, family…dont sit
    alone…if thought of suicide comes to ur mind then seek
    counselling……love urself and family…

  6. Satyamev Jayate said on 28-02-2015
  7. Zahoor Bhat said on 28-02-2015

    my mother has also went through the same.. i lost my younger brother in the
    same way

  8. navdeep khosa said on 28-02-2015

    Amir Khan Sir is doing a great job. I wish more celebrities could come
    forward as they can leave their impact at a very big level. Every episode
    is an eye opener….we need more of it.

  9. saran Ramsai said on 28-02-2015

    Credit card bill Laughter wahh….wahhh…..ab mai every month jarror
    hasoonga theen baar —-kyuki 3 credit card hai mera pass

  10. Manzoor hussain said on 28-02-2015

    Aamir Sir is very courage man’ hence‚ I appreciate him by highlight in the

  11. shah faisal said on 28-02-2015

    Hi…….i like you.

  12. Zakia Khan said on 01-03-2015

    Healthy mental health is very important.

  13. Narender Kumar said on 01-03-2015

    khan sahab badiya indians ko awekening karna aasaan nahi hai. chota mota
    european ya african desh toh hai nahi asia ka doosra sabse bada desh hain
    russia aadha europe mein chala jaata hain isi liye china ko sabse bada desh
    maana jayega. india mein depression badhne ke bahut se kaaran hain. ek toh
    hosla kam hain ek do jhatke zindagi ki haar se aadmi tooth jaata hain.
    issey woh depression mein chala jaata hain. apne aap se baat karna, doosre
    ko gaali dena,peetna, maarna yeh samasya ek programme se khatam nahi hone
    waali. iske liye bahut bada network chahiye. phir bhi prayaas kar kar ke hi
    changes aayenge. ek generation nahi 10 generation nikal sakti hain ek
    badiya samaaj ke liye. yeh ek phases hote hain. aamir khan ke time thoda
    sudhrega phir doosra aamir khan aayega phir teesra.

  14. suvarnaraju kavitha said on 01-03-2015

    very good episode

  15. Gayan Buddhika said on 01-03-2015

    Thanks a lot for all SMJ team.I am a Sri Lankan but knowledge and wisdom
    has no boundaries.I salute you MR Aamir Khan. an UNIQUE character.keep it

  16. CHEF BOBO said on 01-03-2015

    Its true suicide is also a game. people play on it where it is wrong or
    right. I my self was suicider for 3 times. once in train and second in
    road accident and now in Europe. there is a chance but not a limit. 

  17. gokul chandran said on 01-03-2015

    On 1 july 2014 one of My best frnd did sucide coz he was depressed with his
    job.. reason was ame that r mentioned in the show… Well its too late
    now.. RIP bro.. 

  18. preetam saha said on 01-03-2015

    Very nice episode… Please make an episode on “Child Labor” and
    “Corruption” !!

  19. soumya swain said on 01-03-2015


  20. vinitha chordia said on 01-03-2015

    Wonderful episide. Thanks a lot for the awareness . God bless

  21. shriikant vaishya said on 01-03-2015

    vandrevala foundation… its not get displayed in video & can i work in
    aasha foundation……. (shrikant vaishya +919820646777)

  22. Shiva Acharjee said on 01-03-2015

    OCD is just not about washing or cleaning stuff..Intrusive thoughts which
    can be sometime fatal..

  23. Hrishikesh Gurav said on 01-03-2015

    aamir khan is a fake man

  24. Daisy nanda said on 01-03-2015

    this show really means alot to me bcz my brother also suffering from
    depression from a very long time………………..

  25. candylikeCA said on 01-03-2015

    Great show. If people can get well through mental health therapy and return
    to daily life then we all should have patience with anyone who are
    struggling with this

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