Make Your Life Better! – The Oldest Religion Is Hinduism – The only Uncreated and Self-Existing religion the “Vedic Religion” of India, and also of th…
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  1. Ankit Gandhi said on 26-02-2015

    Oldest religion is love for God. But it is fading these days. Half of the
    people here saying their religion is oldest have never read Bhagwad Gita,
    Quran or Bible. They kill animals and commit all sorts of sins. But once
    someone talks about their religion these so called ‘experts’ come forward
    to defend things they never believed in first place. Love God. That is it.
    You dont have to be too smart to understand that.

  2. aminatiriig hussein said on 26-02-2015

    hinduism is pure shit. krishna never exsited

  3. Santosh Gaikwad said on 26-02-2015

    THERE is no record found of Hinduism in world history till 1 billion years
    every religion is saying that their god created human but its only in
    fact is different .
    first and oldest religion in world is BUDDHISM as per record of world
    archaeologist with the evedince 

  4. Inder RS said on 26-02-2015

    Hinduism is much older than this. Vedas written in 11000 BC, The King
    Vikramaditya-1 ruled the entire world in 7000 BC. (now wikipedia will
    definitely prove me wrong). The entire history of Hinduism ( sanatan
    Dharma) has been re-written (under British rule) to confuse Hindus about
    their own identity. A lot of poison injected into our vedic scriptures, a
    lot many fake great people created to confuse us. Where are the Original
    Vedic scriptures? Ans= in the vaults of world’s richest ( the “R” family),
    The British museum. Perhaps even NASA gets s little access to study a few
    original texts. No wonder why they are re-creating things which existed
    during Mahabharata period. Ohh !! I should speak no more. so I stop!!

  5. Thunder said on 26-02-2015

    And still… very basic question ‘What is religion?’ … who made it? …
    Gods? Angels? Prophets? .. OR humans?.. What is the purpose of having
    religion in life? To show the path of life..? Then accept the path u like
    the most and follow it… but with one condition.. without harming and
    forcing any1 to follow ur thoughts.. I will say.. accept the good things
    from all religions and leave behind those u think r not good for society..
    at the end, the ultimate aim is to have inner peace in ur life.. :)

  6. Divendra Nath said on 26-02-2015

    Hindus don’t kill people and shove religion down any ones throat.There was
    only one religion Hindu it don’t have discrimination because there was no
    other religion.People changed with time.

  7. Naimul Haq said on 26-02-2015

    I would like to add that the Sanatan (eternal) Dharma of Vishnu, preached
    by Krishna is the oldest, that spread all over India, from Dwaraka, Gujrat,
    original home of the Jadu people. Recently dated, Krishna is placed around
    12,000 bp, and you correctly show the spot of spread of Hinduism,but dates
    after the battle of Kurukhetra, when the evil Kuru defeated the Jadu and
    destroyed the Sanatan Dharma and replaced it with Hinduism, with Rama as
    the supreme god.
    Rama, Brahma, Dilip etc are Senitic names, not Indian.

  8. Ravi pandre said on 26-02-2015

    even islam aslo born from Lord Shiva thats y muslims pray in meccha, in
    mechha we have lord shiva and its correct that THE OLDEST RELIGION OF

  9. Rob McGregor said on 26-02-2015

    DNA testing has confirmed that the aboriginal peoples are the oldest
    culture on this earth. Could their creation stories ( which run in line
    with with many other indigenous peoples) be the religions. Many of the
    creation stories are passed down in song and story and give specific
    information on how to find food and water. These peoples are the true
    custodians of the land and have nothing to do with power and border

  10. Rock man said on 26-02-2015

    Ram and Krishna came after Buddhism already spread in India. So it will be
    illogical to say they existed more than 3000 years ago. There is no proof
    that they ever existed. Also Ancient Chinese language came before Sanskrit.
    So Santana Dharma too is not the oldest! 

  11. Shahi Samir said on 26-02-2015

    @ Kiran Lama, You Tibetan people these days claim that you are the only
    true Nepalese. Where were you people when our hindu ancestors were unifying
    Nepal or were fighting against Muslims and British to save Nepal’s
    sovereignty? Drinking some local low-grade liquour still in Tibet, right?

    All my hindu brothers, do not feed this brainwashed troll. Nepalese of
    Tibetan root these days hate everything about hinduism and high caste
    Nepalese people; inferiority complex is the root cause TBH. Look at this
    person’s level of knowledge; he claims there were no hindus before 2000
    years in Nepal, all were buddhist. This idiot even does not know Buddha was
    born in a Hindu family. Nobody knows when was Pashupathinath temple built
    and all these idiots claim hindus came to Nepal after 16th century, during
    Mughal heyday in India. However, cow care-takers (GOPALA), according to
    historical annals, were the first settlers of Nepal. These Tibetan people,
    in the past, copied everything from us hindus and nowadays they blame they
    were coerced to do so. If you ask him why he bears a Hindu name he would
    say he was forced to. LOL!! EU and christian missionaries are maelstroming
    a peanut size brain of these idiots.

    People like Kiran Lama hate hinduism because they blame their backwardness
    to high caste Nepalese, Chhetri (Kshetriya) and bahun (Brahmin). But the
    irony is, they do not go to school, make girl friends (see his comments for
    proofs) at early age, drink, drug and try to be as western as possible;
    they can’t compete with us academically or in any job. They are converting
    to christianity in alarming rate for that hatred and iota of money.

    A proud Nepalese Hindu…..

  12. Made Dharma said on 26-02-2015

    Lord siva will show the lead to good people. Om siva ya namah

  13. Richard Parker said on 26-02-2015

    LOL… funny North Indian savages… 

  14. MindStrider34 said on 26-02-2015

    lol pitiful jews 

  15. UNITED EARTH said on 26-02-2015

    hindu relegion more than 25000bc in between 10 avatar of bhagwan vishnu
    relegion sikh and budha born from hindu relegion.

  16. Sandeep Kumar said on 26-02-2015

    i just asked a question that why HINDUISM didn’t spread all over the world
    like Islam and Christianity?

  17. sambhaw sharma said on 26-02-2015

    lol here I thought Gautam Buddha was son of a Hindu king.

  18. Winston Bachan said on 26-02-2015

    The Decendents Of Abraham Was Worshiping Idols!! But He Hit One Of The Idol
    And Broke It! His Father ASK! Why You Did That? He Replied They Dont Have
    Life!! NOT Understanding His Father Mistical Belief!! GOD Order Him To
    Leave His Family And Go Into a Land Called Cannan!! And Thats How JUDAISM
    ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY Came Into Existance!! Have You Ever Heard This OLD
    Saying!! HINDUISM Is The FOUNDATION oF ALL Religion!! YOU Got It! NOW Shut
    YOUR Mouth! (Before I Come Over ThereLOL)

  19. Tom pol said on 26-02-2015


  20. Kafir kafiri said on 26-02-2015

    fortunately this religion survived for many years in past because of its
    strong ethics and culture which the modern Hindus lack Hindus are still
    disunited and today they are most disunited peoples they fight in name of
    caste language their region and religion even many hindus are atheist and
    dont believe in their culture many hindus have just their name as hindu and
    they are totally westernized by western culture today hindus dont read
    their religious book they watch only tv serials which doesnt give them the
    accurate knowledge of their culture. The other religions like jainism and
    buddism are far strong islam in india and in the world is same as it
    believe in unity of Muslims or Muslim brother hood that’s why it is still
    strong and even being cruel it is emerging as the world fastest terrorist
    breeding religion of the world if love crime Islam is open for
    you.Christainity still untied but being weakened by the pseudo secular
    peoples. I found only one religion suitable for all is Jainism as there is
    no even a trace of violence is make a person complete.

  21. Awais Awais said on 26-02-2015

    First man of this world was Adam in all religions then most famous was
    noah, abraham.issiq, Moses,David,Solomon,all muslim belive that

  22. Raidenway said on 26-02-2015

    Can you add Taoism if you made this video!!

  23. jermainekg6 said on 26-02-2015

    Dyeus bro… forgotten, altered, replaced, split up and bam now we have all
    these other gods…
    the idea of mother earth is the closest thing to Dyeus today…

  24. SHIVA KUMAR said on 26-02-2015

    Most Reliable Religious Expansions in History of the world – Video 

  25. heatheroc49 said on 26-02-2015

    Not to mention the Tamil language being one of the oldest. ..Naga Maya. I
    love prehistory! :))))))

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