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  1. The Real King Is back said on 22-02-2015

    Christian is the true religion. Only there you can find peace and freedom.
    All islam countries are burning today like the hell. So change your faith
    and come to the right side or you will get exactly the same life in the
    hell! We can make this earth like the paradise☺

  2. David Montelongo said on 22-02-2015

    Islam/ Muslim religion is wrong. They don’t accept outsiders. The true
    religion is, with no doubt, after research I have done online and in the
    bible, Jehovah’s Witness

  3. KevZen2000 said on 22-02-2015

    The true religion of mankind is apotheosis, it is the end goal of all major
    religions, such as to have eternal life, heaven, and so on. Since religion
    is no longer valuable to society, it will be done in a secular format, such
    as with Transhumanism. You can pray, practice any religious rituals,
    following your religious commandment, etc., but the end result is that you
    will face the same result of death.

    The only way mankind will receive what religions promise such as eternal
    life, etc., will be done with science and technology. The bad thing is that
    we will most likely will not receive this in our lifetime, but our goal is
    to prepare future societies for the aim of apotheosis.

  4. Jehovah's Witness said on 22-02-2015

    You are my witnesses, declares JEHOVAH, and my servant whom I have chosen.
    Isaiah 43:10

  5. WilliamS Crafts said on 22-02-2015

    Christianity is the true religion. It has been around for 2000 years. It is
    built developed after the Jewish religion which has been around for about
    9000 years. It began after people saw Jesus resurrect for the dead. Over
    500 people saw. And all of them spread the word.

  6. Section said on 22-02-2015

    gonna get hate but my religion is a place beyond naturality a place were
    there is no god and there is no devil they are just normal people a place
    were we are all lovable brothers and i know youre hell is where the devil
    lives but the hell in this religion is the horrid earth so yeah this is my
    religion and i hope u like it srry if it sounds stupid but i think of this

  7. john lopez said on 22-02-2015

    The bible says that you can not have tattoo and says that the earrings and
    bracelets means slave of the devil so the real religion is pentecostal
    because God word is very strict and one little bad thing u may go to hell
    and not go to heaven 

  8. AIRSOFT24503 said on 22-02-2015

    Wait a second I just thought something up.. Think about this, you know how
    it is 2015? As in 2015 years since the birth of Christ? Well I feel that if
    Jesus was actually born then, then wouldn’t all people have to agree to
    start the year off as the 1st year or something like that.. That’s
    something to think about

  9. Akseer Khan said on 22-02-2015

    Islam, the only truth.
    There is a difference between Islam as a religion and the way some Muslims
    practice it. Islam is a peaceful religion, but some Muslims are not always
    up to the expectations when personal interests and political biases

  10. Pl4x3R_GameplayeR 7 said on 22-02-2015

    Islam is what are you looking for :)

  11. peacepipe4 said on 22-02-2015

    The Bible is like a great puzzle. The “true religion” connects all the dots
    (Bible verses & teachings) into a viability the other Christian-claiming
    religions miss seeing.

    As just one for instance of this is the so-called “Trinity”, a word that
    does not occur anywhere in the Bible and yet many non-Christian religions
    also had trinities of gods long before Jesus came. If the apostolic writers
    ~the close friends of Jesus~ had been taught a plurality of gods was a
    “godhead” then we would expect that after his death they would’ve ceased
    writing Jesus name in every other sentence as if in Heaven he had become
    back into one with his Creator.

    What we do find though is the very last chapters written by John in 1-2-3
    John plus Revelation carries forward right to John’s last breath (and drop
    of precious ink) that God and Jesus are still two separate Being|being
    individuals. In fact John went into very great detail saying who is the
    antichrist but whoever denies the Father and Jesus [still written down as

    The AntiChrist today is a false prophet made up of a worldwide enclave &
    coven of ministers who have all “got it wrong”. A few of their names are
    become household personalities such as David Jeremiah, Michael Youssef
    still pushing their false Trinity belief down the multitude’s collective
    throat but they lack the support of Scripture and sound reasoning that
    Jehovah gives via his holy spirit to all who seek the truth.

    What these men and many other men of the frock preach is an outgrowth of
    Great Babylon, and John at Revelation 18:4 tells all who wish to be called
    “God’s people” have to “Get out of her my people if you do not wish to join
    those men in their sins” when the time comes. Of course for many who now
    walk behind them headed for the River Styx like willing rats behind Pied
    Pipers ~tooting their sweet lullabies that turns their brains OFF~ once
    they have trusted those men with their lives preaching their Candyland
    [Promise-everything-Heaven] theologies it is usually different to erase
    that depth of mental programming.

    However it can be done. Simply compare what Jesus stated strongly at
    Matthew 7:22 against what is said of Jehovah God at Jeremiah 9:24 and that
    should be more than ample to break the false Trinity into the tiny false
    god pieces on the floor it should have become centuries ago. Jesus stated
    THREE TIMES IN REPETITION no one had better be claiming works “in his name”
    whereas the venerable prophet Jeremiah told us it’s OKAY TO BOAST so long
    as the one doing the boasting was giving Him the credit.

    I don’t know how it can come any clearer water than that. And once we can
    prove by Scripture such a longstanding teaching is against the connected
    Bible “dots” to a degree such as all that we must also know there must be
    other errors on the part of these Great Babylon (aka “Babylon the Great”
    NWT) mislead preachers who themselves were also duped and mislead… we
    have to look for other instances where their Aladdin Lamp theologies are
    wrong. Get off their magic carpets while there’s yet time.

  12. mastergirl_a said on 22-02-2015

    Islam is the rightfull relgion

  13. Turkish Fox Temo said on 22-02-2015


  14. D. Eisenhower said on 22-02-2015

    Mormonism is the true religion, cause when you die you get your own planet.
    I mean that’s pretty convincing.

  15. Mahdi Massarewa said on 22-02-2015

    I’m a Muslim, and as I I’ve read in the holy quran before 7:156 , I believe
    truly that the Christian book and the Jewish book, written in about
    Muhammad PBUH.
    والذين يتبعون النبي الأمي الذين يجدونه مكتوبا عندهم في التوراة والإنجيل. 

  16. llennon73 said on 22-02-2015

    islam can suck my cock

  17. Dan TheMan said on 22-02-2015

    There’s two religions in the world: Do or done. Either you “do” and “earn”
    your way to whatever paradise/heaven/nirvana. Or, it is finished, it is
    done; Bible Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ did all the work, and
    all that’s required of you is to simply believe.

    The words of Jesus:

    “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on
    him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into
    condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.” (John 5:24)

  18. Mickey Ds said on 22-02-2015

    God doesn’t give a damn about religion.

  19. Jehovah's Witness said on 22-02-2015

    Jehovah’s Witnesses without a doubt are the truth

  20. abdessamad belallam said on 22-02-2015

    you people are sick and stupid islam is the right
    religion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! open your eyes 

  21. Ashley Blue said on 22-02-2015

    God is one….1*1*1=1 Hence 3 in 1. The bible also states the it is the
    word of God and that anyone who tries to change it will suffer an.
    Unbearable punishment. Christianity is a religion of peace, Jesus lived a
    perfect life, he healed and helped others. He never stole or cursed anyone.
    Mohammad on the other hand killed, raped, stole, taught hate…. Islam is
    not a religion of peace. Jesus warns us to beware of the false prophet. Who
    might that false prophet …? 

  22. Olympian Timothy Mitchell said on 22-02-2015

    muslim sounds like a unstable person looking for someone to look up to.
    like a master,,

  23. jj gamer said on 22-02-2015

    I’m a Christian

  24. Joseph Walsh said on 22-02-2015

    I think Christianity and Judaism are the true religions

  25. ratcliffave said on 22-02-2015

    Thats where your wrong. Back in the year 0000 a man from your country was
    over here on holiday he saw the bible, bought it, and took it back to his
    country. When he was on the boat he said I’m going to rename it a muslim
    religion. He had it reprinted and made millions of sheep in the 1st month.
    And thats how it all started. Its just a book that someone wrote all those
    years ago. 

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