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The First Amendment upholds our freedom of religion, but when does the Supreme Court legally recognize and protect our beliefs and practices as an actual ‘re…
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  1. TestTube said on 12-02-2015

    A lot of people on here have asked about how religious organizations get
    tax exemptions. The IRS has a tax code that applies to Churches and other
    non-profits, but you don’t necessarily have to be a religious organization
    to get it and just being a religious organization isn’t enough to get it
    either. There are a slew of requirements it is a dense read, but you can
    get all the info here:

  2. dasyad00 said on 12-02-2015

    Please make a video on Palestine and Israel! I want the public to know the
    truth, who’s right, who’s wrong. Therefore, PLEASE make it from both points
    of view

  3. Paul Lindsey Sims Jr. said on 12-02-2015

    Religion is stupid as shit

  4. jessbrown99991 said on 12-02-2015

    If the Government can’t recognise religions, then how does it decide which
    organisations can get tax-exempt status?

  5. Bryan Reyna said on 12-02-2015

    All religion is is an idea, nothing more and nothing less. It is an idea
    on belief and practice; essentially how you should live your life. And
    because it is an idea, any one person can shape that idea and use it for
    their own meanings. 

  6. Amelia Hartman said on 12-02-2015

    Religion should never even be taken into consideration, ever. Religion
    should never be considered more than just a “personal opinion”. Look at the
    Hobby Lobby ruling. I bet if a person stated that it was simply their
    “personal opinion” that they wanted to limit contraceptives, they never
    would have won. But because they’re Christian, that elevates their opinions
    to extreme importance. 

  7. Feminist MRA said on 12-02-2015

    The hobby lobby decision is unconstitutional. Its not allowing religious
    freedom, its sanctioning religious oppression.

  8. ro0kie said on 12-02-2015

    Talking about religion…I’ve read the bible (not all of it but the
    interesting parts :D) and I remembered about this part about the apocalypse
    when the whole Israel thing started again this year.
    so it kinda goes like this “Behold, the Day of the LORD is coming, And your
    spoil will be divided in your midst. For I will gather ALL the nations to
    battle against Jerusalem”. (if you wanna look it up is Zechariah 14:1-2)
    and then in Joel 3:1-2 it goes like this “For behold,in those days and at
    that time, When I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem, I will
    also gather ALL nations, And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat;
    And I will enter into judgment with them there On account of My people, My
    heritage ISRAEL,Whom they have scattered among the nations;They have also
    DIVIDED up My Land.”
    Now… I know it sounds stupid but…should we be worried about this? o.O
    I’m saying this because a lot of people are giving shit to Israel at this
    time…Even though they have no solid source to back up their opinion, just
    some shit from the news, which…let’s be honest it’s not really something
    you can trust…

  9. Gasy Anthony said on 12-02-2015

    Does that mean the US government has no authority to condemn what most
    would see as cults? Or prosecute them? 

  10. rhesusmonkey25 said on 12-02-2015

    Fuck religion!!!! Burn all fucking cunts who worship a bible!!!! Worship
    Aliens :)

  11. Brayden Priebe said on 12-02-2015

    Wait, what if said religion violates a person’s rights and/or goes against
    the Constitution? Such as human/animal sacrifices, damaging private
    property, trespassing, etc? Wouldn’t it go against the First Amendment for
    the government to condemn those practices or stop said practicers of that
    religion from doing what they “believe in”?

  12. Felix De Simone said on 12-02-2015

    So the US can’t favor one religion over another? Good. Why, then, are there
    hints of favoring monotheism over other religions? For example, our money
    says “In God We Trust”. Shouldn’t it say, “In God, Buddha, Vishnu (and the
    thousands of other Hindu gods and goddesses), Confucius, etc, We Trust”?
    Shouldn’t it cater to the 4,000 religions besides Christianity? Or, a much
    simpler solution would be to take religious messages and influences from
    things like money, oaths, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Freedom of religion
    does not mean freedom to force others to adapt to your religion.

  13. QVear said on 12-02-2015

    So how one things are considered “cults” (possibly with adjective
    “dangerous”) and other aren’t?

  14. ♆William de Vil♆ said on 12-02-2015

    how can i become a religion

  15. Fruitarian said on 12-02-2015

    how bout atheist? are they legal?

  16. taiming71 said on 12-02-2015

    Then why does the government protect religious groups from paying taxes
    like everyone else?

  17. SatanistSin said on 12-02-2015

    Than how does one establish a tax exempt facility?

  18. Adam Sayed said on 12-02-2015

    Do I have the right to beat my wife and kill those that convert out of my
    religion? …. because that’s technically practicing my religion if I’m a

  19. pizzajona said on 12-02-2015

    What about Scientology?

  20. Ibrahim IBz said on 12-02-2015

    Great video ! Also this chick is really hot !

  21. Bret McDanel said on 12-02-2015

    The First Amendment is not about religion, speech, press, assembly, or
    redressing the government over grievances. It is about the expression of
    thought. To think of it this way the issue becomes less muddled. The
    Court has held that you can have any thought that you want and that the
    government cannot do anything about that, largely in part because they do
    not know what thoughts you actually have as they are internal to your mind.
    They can only go based on your expression of those thoughts. The words
    you write or speak or the acts that you perform.

    If it is about the expression of thought then nearly everything becomes
    covered unless and until it violates someone else’s rights. Sadly this is
    not the case and all too often people encourage bad laws so that they are
    not exposed to opinions they disagree with rather than just walking away
    (or changing the radio/tv channel) and ignoring the things they dislike.
    Those same people become shocked when another group decides to push for a
    ban on something they like. You cannot ban things without opening the door
    for someone else to come in and ban the things that you hold dear.

    If people would just stop trying to control how everyone else lives their
    lives and set the demarcation point of government power at protecting the
    rights of the people and nothing else then a lot of the issues currently
    being debated in the political sphere would vanish. It is both main
    parties, most activists, several smaller parties, basically the bulk of the
    US is trying in some way to force others to conform to their choices in

  22. TheWolfHowling said on 12-02-2015

    Good video but could you do another one on why God doesn’t have to pay

  23. jordan jennings said on 12-02-2015

    Then y is abortion illegal in some states because they don’t be leave in
    it? I’m confused

  24. Bocephus Blue said on 12-02-2015

    How can we effectively remove the tax-exempt status that religious
    institutions currently enjoy?

  25. Lemonz1989 said on 12-02-2015

    Where I live (Denmark) we have a constitutional right to “freedom of
    religion”, but the state defines what a religion is, while also having a
    state religion (Christianity). So, Scientology isn’t a religion here. :P

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