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Get fit w/ me! See my workouts & more Looking for an ab workout using an exercise ball in under 10 minutes? Try this routine and let…
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  1. analyticalw said on 06-03-2015

    Do you need to warm up before doing these exercises? Or can you just do
    them while watching television?

  2. Brittney Sansosti said on 06-03-2015

    No cue when you switch sides for the obliques? 

  3. Jen Buskohl said on 06-03-2015

    Loved this workout! I definitely have a ball at home and this is the first
    time I have used it in like a year! I never know what to do on it! I am
    not coordinated enough to do the pike though

  4. Wong Su Qing said on 06-03-2015

    Wow.. Difficult..

  5. Terri Van Gorp said on 06-03-2015

    I have some work to do before I can tackle those mountain climbers. Thanks
    fro posting!

  6. Sarah Dussault said on 06-03-2015
  7. Fogelmiser said on 06-03-2015

    I have a stability ball at home. I like doing mountain climbers like you
    showed or with my hands on the ball instead of my feet too. Thanx.

  8. inYourFace said on 06-03-2015

    you should go to a beach for one video. That will help us a lot 🙂

  9. Itgyrl909 said on 06-03-2015

    I have one!! Please do more!!!!

  10. Sarah Fit said on 06-03-2015

    Oh the power plate. Might be hard since Gyms can be odd about filming in
    them :/ Not sure why but something about having a corporate to oversee
    everything makes it very difficult. They like to control their brand image
    which I understand but they miss out on fun opportunities to seem “young”
    and “fun”

  11. Sarah Fit said on 06-03-2015

    My tank is by @NewBalance

  12. creativegirl39 said on 07-03-2015

    Like your tank. Where did you get it?

  13. Irene GL said on 07-03-2015

    Great video. I have a ball so this is what I was looking for

  14. Alexandru Bataus said on 07-03-2015

    If you are looking to build muscle, you should do a Google search “H6x
    Muscle Monster”. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  15. Sarah Fit said on 07-03-2015

    Great minds think alike 🙂

  16. Sarah Fit said on 07-03-2015

    It’s all about the core strength. You can do it!!

  17. ArenaSayWhat said on 07-03-2015

    sarah is so sexy

  18. inYourFace said on 07-03-2015

    I live by the beach! I like to work out there. not inside /:

  19. SYANA BANA said on 07-03-2015

    I hope i wont fall if im doing the pike hahaa but this is an awesome video

  20. Sarah Fit said on 07-03-2015

    I haven’t done a video on footwear in a long time! I could possibly do
    another 🙂

  21. Sarah Fit said on 07-03-2015

    Awesome. I love medicine balls too 🙂

  22. jade9154 said on 07-03-2015

    Nice pike, Sarah! That’s a difficult move.

  23. hotlips013 said on 07-03-2015

    Loved this video 🙂 I have an exercise ball so you should definitely make

  24. KateFae87 said on 07-03-2015

    I don’t have an exercise ball, yet. I do have a medicine ball that I want
    to get more use out of. Do you have a video for a workout using only
    medicine balls?

  25. Sarah Fit said on 07-03-2015

    If I lived by the beach, I would workout outdoors as well!

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