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  1. The Domestic Geek said on 29-03-2015

    *5 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes*!

  2. The Domestic Geek said on 29-03-2015

    Hi +Jasmine De Rosa. You can add a banana instead :)

  3. Katrin Halloway said on 29-03-2015

    Does it make much of a difference if you are using fresh fruit? I don’t
    have room in my fridge to freeze it!

  4. Feline said on 29-03-2015

    i am gonna buy a magic bullet and i’m sure gonna try this smooties out 🙂
    i am the person that coms out of bed last minute so most of the time i dont
    eat breakfast and i know its really bad 🙁 and this is really easy to make

  5. Joy Yu said on 29-03-2015

    Omg you used to do a show with another asian girl named joy too I think lol

  6. Taylor Prince said on 29-03-2015

    I Love You!!!!!! lol awesome….

  7. itsrainingskye said on 29-03-2015

    What r those jars??!? I’m aussie melbourne , where can I get them they look
    so cool

  8. Purple Minion said on 29-03-2015

    Wow, the colours are beautiful.

  9. Annifis said on 29-03-2015

    How can I make the smoothies “smoother”, I can see big pieces of fruit
    falling in the mug when you’re pouring the drinks, do I just leave it in
    the blender for a longer period of time?

  10. morgan sheppard said on 29-03-2015

    Can I replace the almond milk with skim milk?

  11. Amisha Acharya said on 29-03-2015

    I love how you are so enthusiastic about sharing these recipes with us.
    Thanks, this really helped me 🙂 <3

  12. Laura Ivon said on 29-03-2015

    this made me so excited to make smoothies every day 

  13. sweetlyjenn said on 29-03-2015

    I’m a sucker for a good smoothy recipe. I’ll definitely be giving these a
    try!!! :)

  14. Leslie Xaxavier said on 29-03-2015

    Thanks for adding the recipes down below I have a notebook going and I
    totally love your page! You’re so positive & energetic I am so glad I found
    your recipes!

  15. Ebony Edwards said on 29-03-2015

    OMG this video is AWESOME!!!! I am going to share this…

  16. Senpai said on 29-03-2015

    hello, i have a very high fever of 39.9 and i am not able to eat because
    every time i try eating food i feel like im about to puke, i am only able
    to drink. my doctor said that i should eat yoghurt fruits and veggies. so i
    hope these smoothies would give me the nutrients that i need. thank you.

  17. Sarah lopez said on 29-03-2015

    In the title it says HEALTHY smoothies but orange juice is actually really
    bad I heard it has more sugar than coke. 

  18. Reila Ayami said on 29-03-2015

    I really need this… since my morning is on the go and I have no time to
    grab breakfast… (psst majority of the breakfast food are either fried,
    greasy and absolutely gluten!!!)

  19. Castaway said on 29-03-2015

    Lovely presentation, however, you don’t need overt protein from yogurt.
    Read the 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Graham. He devotes an entire chapter to
    busting the ‘protein myth’. 

  20. Hannah Askins said on 29-03-2015


  21. Rufaidah Ismail said on 29-03-2015


  22. Nancy Martinez said on 29-03-2015

    What size are those jars? I don’t want to end up with more smoothie than
    cup. Haha.
    Do these recipes make that much?

  23. June Heron said on 29-03-2015

    Just had the Monday yellow smoothie
    Didn’t have mango so used melon
    Wow delicious!!!!!
    Keep the smoothie recipes coming please

  24. Shi Hui said on 29-03-2015

    how do i substitute the greek yogurt? :)

  25. Alexia Hamer said on 29-03-2015


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