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When did Technology become a tool in our lives? A quick synopsis of technology as adopted throughout history. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is…
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  1. José Eduardo Castanho said on 02-03-2015

    Vale a pena assistir este vídeo se você pensa e educar, ensinar ou

  2. Danos71 said on 03-03-2015

    Quite an interesting look at our ideas of technology and how it will effect
    the classroom over the centuries.

  3. Nadja Cruz Emmanuelli said on 03-03-2015


  4. TechSpaghetti said on 03-03-2015

    Fantastic research and effort put into this presentation. Good job!

  5. Arjan KC said on 03-03-2015

    Wow!! +Greg Toppo you’ve done such a wonderful research and really
    appreciate your effort sir! and such a wonderful +Prezi Please let me know
    if it is available for download. I want to review the quotes included.
    Thank you for the appearance at +TEDx 

  6. Rachael WhitneySmith said on 03-03-2015

    Love this

  7. Ionita Flori-Adriana said on 03-03-2015

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