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Abraham Hicks- Forget diet and exercise

Taken from Think and get slim: Abraham on natural weighloss. For more information please visit: All materials are copyrighted by Abraham Hicks. Remember to feel…
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  1. PositiveLife13 said on 20-03-2015

    @coachlona1 Isn’t it great? I love it too!!!

  2. PositiveLife13 said on 20-03-2015

    @ajk That’s the way! You are going to be great! Good luck on your business!!

  3. ajk said on 20-03-2015

    I may try something new. As of right now, I am gonna try and work without
    looking at how much I am making, and just see where it takes me. Would be
    much less pressure on me if I just did instead of constantly thinking and
    overthinking. Thanks so much for posting this. 🙂

  4. PositiveLife13 said on 20-03-2015

    It’s wonderful to be able to appreciate food and everything else, for that
    matter! I could use a pizza right now! 😉

  5. Sen Chi said on 20-03-2015


  6. PositiveLife13 said on 20-03-2015

    That’s cool!!!

  7. jarhead540 said on 20-03-2015

    I don’t have an issue with diet or exercise but I think this is my most
    favorite Abraham clip ever. And I’ve been in the hot seat 3 times now.

  8. ajk said on 21-03-2015

    I know this isn’t related to food so much, but this video really hit a
    chord with me. A couple months ago, I started working online seriously for
    the 1st time, after having done it passively for a long time before that.
    In that time I’ve made close to $1,000, which is more than I had to my name
    before, but I always keep obsessing over what I don’t do instead of what I
    have. I’ll get mad at myself for not doing this when I could have or said I
    would. I’m gonna try not to, in fact, (continues)

  9. anujesal said on 21-03-2015

    Mmm! I feel good thinking of warm waffles with maple syrup! Thank you so
    much for sharing. God bless you a wonderful wednesday! Namaste:-)

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