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Combined the audio of these files: Bob Proctor’s “Shift Your Paradigm” meditation exercise Metamusic — The Return …
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  1. William Bradley said on 24-03-2015

    This is the best hypnosis tape I’ve heard. 

  2. Breanna Thomas said on 24-03-2015

    how do u download this ?

  3. Jazen Valencia said on 24-03-2015

    I Love Bob Proctor. This is great to listen to while drifting off to

  4. Dabedreon said on 24-03-2015

    Great work. Thanks for the upload.

  5. UrsulaCarrie said on 24-03-2015

    REALLY nice job you did with mixing this meditation with the music. Bravo!

  6. Craig Grant said on 24-03-2015

    Physical matter is real, so now is matter and not now is not matter(not
    real), in other words “if it’s not now it’s doesn’t matter”

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