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Here’s a breathing exercise that enables you to soothe the sensations of a panic attack. Discover the common problem that sabotages your efforts to breathe during a panic attack, and learn…

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  1. David Carbonell said on 22-03-2015

    I never really decided to stop, I just got busy with other projects. Right
    now I’m writing a book about Worry for New Harbinger Press, and that takes
    up most of my spare time. I think I will make more videos, but don’t have a
    specific plan yet. I do periodically add new material to my web site at Thanks for asking!

  2. Chris DaiLy said on 22-03-2015

    People that want to take to the next level should consider doing yoga while
    deep breathing. 

  3. moviescreams said on 22-03-2015

    I started doing this a few months ago and it changed my life. When I get
    stressed out at my job or school, I’ll go into the bathroom stall and do a
    2 minute deep breathing exercise. I’ll come out of there feeling like a
    completely different person. Extremely relaxed! It’s like shedding all that
    dead weight!. It calmed me down and I was able to not get stressed out. I
    always do it standing up against a wall. I end up feeling much happier.
    Awesome video!

  4. Samuel Koch said on 22-03-2015

    I feel the same way and have the same issues as Mitino Aiken and Akari
    Grey. Maybe i’m not doing a long enough pause but if i breathe this way it
    feels better at first but then i just seem to be more out of breathe. I’m
    confused if i’m suppose to just push out my stomach and that will cause me
    to breathe in, or if i actually breathe in and try to push my stomach out
    simultaneously. If someone has some feedback it’d be greatly appreciated.

  5. fatmanplaying said on 22-03-2015

    I am so grateful thank you so very much I have been struggling for years
    like 6 or more with what I always said was not able to catch a full breath.
    I felt like I was running out of air and take hugh lungs fulls of air and
    once ever 15 min or so could catch a full breath that would help. from
    healthcentralDOTcom I found a link to your belly breathing and in under 2
    min of doing this I could breath easier and in 5 I was amazed. Thank you
    from the bottom of my heart I think this is going to change my life. You
    need an award or something!

  6. Jennie Joyz said on 22-03-2015

    Why is it that people cannot spell breathe and breath? It sounds stupid in
    a sentence if its used incorrectly. Breathe has an “e” at the end while
    breath does not.

  7. Akari Grey said on 22-03-2015

    I’m not really sure why, but sometimes I get the feeling of not getting
    enough air without having a panic attack. There’s just this feeling of
    pressure on my lungs/throat that hits me randomly. This causes me to become
    more aware of my breathing and it makes it difficult to breathe properly. I
    have anxiety disorder, so would this just be a symptom of it? Also, thanks
    for the video! I’m definitely going to try this.

  8. KRAZEEIZATION said on 22-03-2015

    Read all the stuff on your website. Truly amazing, no bull and all common
    sense! Beware people, there are 1000s of Anxiety Disorder scammers out the
    looking for your money, forget them and just go to David Carbonells
    website. He’s the best!

  9. sh0ber said on 22-03-2015

    This is extremely helpful. Not just the information, but I really enjoy
    your demeanor too. Thank you

  10. Georgi Geranov said on 22-03-2015

    I’m definitely going to try this. Thank you in advance! :)

  11. Tahmid Karim said on 22-03-2015

    Thanks, helped a lot and yes i felt the same, i only inhaling air not
    exhaling during panic attack and doctor thought i had COPD.

  12. withnail6969 said on 22-03-2015

    11 people didn’t appreciate David giving up his time for free to help poor
    SOBs like me. Thanks so much nasal congestion makes me feel like I can’t
    breathe I will try this more often 

  13. mitino aiken said on 22-03-2015

    How the heck do I do this? When I push my stomach I feel like I’m exhaling.
    So I’m I just suppose to push my stomach out and that’s it and it does the
    breathing for me? Or do I have to push my belly and do something else?

  14. Alejandra Moennig said on 22-03-2015

    Thank you sir

  15. Ezequiel Luna said on 22-03-2015

    Thank you so much!!! I went to the dr last year and he prescribed me
    lexapro because i kept getting panic attacks, the whole cant catch my
    breathe situation. I quit taking them because i gaine 30lbs!!! So its been
    a year later and panic attacks started occuring again about a week ago. I
    told my self im not goig back to take anxiett pills and gain weight. The
    weight is extremely hard to burn off. Ive loat about 15 lbs of it and it
    took me nearly 6 months and thats because i hit the gym hard 5 days a week.
    Thanks to your information i stumbled upon on google and now saw your video
    . I tried it 5 hours ago and WOW! Its working. Its taking me practice
    because i kept getting light headed kind of if i was high like a kite. So i
    just slowed it down and now im not yawning, acid reflux is not affecting me
    and now i can leave my fingers alone because i kept strecthing them for no
    reason. Thanks again!!

  16. ' PsyPhy said on 22-03-2015

    No medications. No herbal supplements. No extremely difficult Zen books. No
    new-age “its your ego” gurus. Just.. belly-breathing. (and maybe some
    exercise and dieting cant hurt) xD Thanks Mr. Carbonell. 

  17. KithKanar Haynes said on 22-03-2015

    Very good job. It’s nice to get help from good people, thank you so much
    for posting this. It really helps

  18. 2310sammy said on 22-03-2015

    It’s helping me a lot! :D

  19. SilverHiph0p said on 22-03-2015

    You’re a hero 

  20. Harpo M. said on 22-03-2015

    Reading your handbook right now, it’s terrific.

  21. Andrew Galves said on 22-03-2015

    Wow! This really helps!

  22. Olissipona said on 22-03-2015

    Thank you, helps a lot!

  23. Rachel Marlow said on 22-03-2015

    I love you. Thank you. 

  24. 9LC said on 23-03-2015

    why did you stop making videos?

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