Make Your Life Better!

Press play to learn about the importance of health literacy! The video was created by 5 student Occupational Therapists at University of Manitoba to be used as an advocacy tool in order to…
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  1. FEDERICO MONACO said on 30-03-2015

    waiting for tomorrow lecture…

  2. Gladys Yeung said on 30-03-2015

    Wow, really well done video! I loved the animation and it was engaging to
    watch. I think health professionals and students from the different fields
    of study in healthcare alike can definitely keep this in mind when it comes
    to communicating with our patients and the community. Thanks for posting

  3. Health Consulting Alexander Riegler, MPH, EMPH, BSc said on 30-03-2015

    very interesting – nice animation. Can I translate it (German)?

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