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In a society based on democracy, participation, and engagement, shouldn’t education be democratic, participatory, and engaging? How can young people be creative, curious, and collaborative…

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  1. Ghada Dennawi Delati said on 23-03-2015
  2. Christelle B said on 23-03-2015
  3. ollieandtroy said on 23-03-2015

    Excellent video! i wish i would hear more of these ideas over here in the
    UK too! Check out my video ‘Sustainable UK?’ on my channel. Slightly lower
    production values, but same basic idea. Similar to @GOODmagazine
    informative videos! keep it up!

  4. Dennis G Daniels said on 23-03-2015

    As a former teacher, I’m keenly aware that kids who succeed usually have
    parents that care. Is that part of the democratic education? How to measure
    success in a ‘democratic class’ when a teacher doesn’t like a student? That
    student will not get a fair shake? The key to success for everyone in the
    class is a ratio of 1:7. How does democratic education address this? Most
    of the current education systems AROUND the world are sorely broken… but,
    education has and always will take a back seat.

  5. Paul Gambon said on 23-03-2015

    I love EVERYTHING in this video, until I get to the end, and the word
    democracy pops up. Unfortunately, our BS school system has taught us to
    LOVE the word democracy. We have forgotten its historical context.
    Democracy is MOB RULE. Associating this GREAT IDEA with the idea that a
    majority can or should decide against the will/rights of a minority
    undermines the whole concept of what this idea is all about. Just my $0.02

  6. thisone said on 23-03-2015

    @gamp0001 While it’s called democratic education, what is in fact practiced
    at most democratic schools is closer to a consensus process. If it were
    pure democracy, where minorities didn’t have a voice, I would have to agree
    with you… But that’s not the case. In most democratic schools I’ve
    visited, there is no majority, just many minorities called “Individuals”

  7. Andrew Hume said on 23-03-2015

    Powerful stuff! The IDEA website is quickly becoming the place to go for
    inspiring, thoughtful education analysis. The folks at Calhoun School are
    honored to be part of the conversation.

  8. Tom Riecken said on 23-03-2015

    Why should education be more democratic and engaging? Employment certainly
    has nothing to do with those things. Good employees don’t question what
    they are being told to do. Those “boxes” are designed for a purpose. If you
    want to change education, you need to change the nature of employment too.

  9. benbook1000 said on 23-03-2015

    This is true and I like the fact that you can have a say in what is going
    on. I give this a thumbs up!

  10. kellidor75 said on 23-03-2015

    @gamp0001 I agree with you. Democracy is mostly a mainstream label put on
    these really good education concepts.

  11. kuburga said on 23-03-2015

    Hey! Great video. What research are the statistics based on?

  12. badolina said on 23-03-2015

    That’s what I believe at! thanks for making it so simple and clear. We need
    a change.

  13. SingajiCollege said on 23-03-2015

    This is the best way of teaching our children to lead their lives. Not just
    score grades & settle in life, but to pursue their passion in life.
    Ultimately that is the purpose of Education!

  14. Kristofer Nine said on 23-03-2015

    I’ve attended a free school but the thing is just having voting on rules at
    your school doesn’t make it democratic education

  15. jonathan angelilli said on 23-03-2015

    I love this video! So important

  16. AMcPherry said on 23-03-2015

    @melzio69 I go to a school just like the one you’re describing. It’s called
    a Big Picture School. I felt that way in Middle School because I have
    wanted to be a game programmer since I was 8, and have been coding since I
    was 9. The trivial things in most schools was awful. At the school I go to
    I can learn the things colleges require for my credits, but in a relevant
    way. For Health I made a game simulating alcohol addiction. For physics
    credit I worked on modifying a physics engine for realism.

  17. dafilip94 said on 23-03-2015

    Thank you so much. This video really shows how I feel about the education
    system of today. Today’s system is just complete BS. This is exactly the
    kind of change i want to see in this world. I also find it amazing that
    others in the comments section really have similar opinions to mine about
    this topic.

  18. Jerry Mintz said on 23-03-2015

    I gave a twenty minute talk a few days ago on the foundations and practices
    of democratic education. If you’re interested in diving into the subject
    further, check out democraticeducation [dot] com -Isaac graves

  19. Eirin Orum said on 23-03-2015

    the video is well made and puts across really great ideas, but please,
    please get rid of that horribly annoying music and replace it with a
    commentary or other relevant sound

  20. theqmage said on 23-03-2015

    Wow, very nice video! Thanks for sharing!

  21. mel so lovely said on 23-03-2015

    I hate forced education. I don’t want to learn the things I am forced to
    learn. I wish school was a place where you get to learn whatever you wanted
    to, have fun, and do whatever you wanted to do (e.g. pursue your passion).
    *sigh* oh the dream. ftw = free/sudbury valley type schools for the
    future!!! hip hip hooray!

  22. jonathan angelilli said on 23-03-2015

    this is brilliant! Great video, well done, such an important idea. Doesn’t
    mention, though, exercise is IMPERATIVE for proper physical AND mental
    development. Well done!

  23. Daniel10439 said on 23-03-2015

    I miss the term “human rigths” / respect. I think it is improtent to have
    this mentioned next to engagment, democracy and participation!

  24. goodideafolks said on 23-03-2015

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. @Lyokoking99: Wonderful that you were
    able to attend a Big Picture School and got to explore programming early!
    @eirinorum, Thanks for the feedback on the music. We like the mood it sets
    but will take your input into account for future videos.

  25. Tom Valens said on 23-03-2015

    check out these two clips : AUGUST TO JUNE with respect for each child,
    AUGUST TO JUNE Bringing Life to School It is possible for democratic
    education to happen in a public school!

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