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Faculty Perspectives on Healthcare. March 7, 2012.
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  1. Red Feather Group. said on 12-03-2015
  2. Young Diabetologists said on 12-03-2015

    Excellent explanation of how different forces shape healthcare delivery.
    Important for diabetologists to understand in this modern era!

  3. Antonio Cruz said on 12-03-2015

    Michael Porter on “Value Based Health Global Care Delivery Inc.
    Michael Porter on “Value Based Health Care Delivery”

  4. Tina Sergio said on 12-03-2015

    Value Matters First* A value based health care delivery system. How?
    Reward Value by measuring success by outcome The patient pays when the
    project is completed, after the objectives are delivered, not after each
    task is performed. > Organizethe delivery system structure around the
    patient, not the tools used

  5. Pauline Wong said on 12-03-2015
  6. Red Feather Group. said on 12-03-2015
  7. Danning He said on 12-03-2015
  8. The Best said on 12-03-2015
  9. g said on 12-03-2015

    poor audio quality

  10. Weston Wheelehan said on 12-03-2015

    AV club needs to step it up ha

  11. Kelvin esiasa said on 12-03-2015

    It nice to listen to Porter.

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