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Nursing: Psychiatric Mental Health

I can’t believe I finished one year! Ahh!! Sorry my voice is out haha I went to Disneyland and had way too much fun;) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!!! Facebook: http://www.facebook….
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  1. Kali Elaine said on 31-03-2015

    I just got that book! where
    I got m book it is 8th edition came from india. It cost the same amount of
    how much chegg is charging to rent

  2. krysto pepper said on 31-03-2015

    seems like yur heart is soo pure. yur eyes are bright and u just seem

  3. Frankie S said on 31-03-2015

    need someone to pratice 4 point restraints and straight jacket use on you
    sexy ass nurse 

  4. Kai Nicholls said on 31-03-2015

    Thank you, I really loved this clip. I look forward to others from you.
    Feel free to contact me to discuss more

  5. xoDaisies said on 31-03-2015

    You seem so interested in what you are studying, I am so excited to start
    on my career, which happens to be the same. :)

  6. Shavonne Trenise said on 31-03-2015

    You really inspire me and makes me look forward to attending nursing school
    so that I can become a psychiatric nurse as I love psychology so that is
    something that I felt would be great to go into. Congrats to you on your
    final and great blessings to you on your path towards your nursing

  7. Voice over said on 31-03-2015

    U so pretty 

  8. vbaime2 said on 31-03-2015

    helpful! thank ya

  9. RHONDEE71 said on 31-03-2015

    Your expression at 4:46 shows how sincere you are about what you’re doing!!
    I start nursing school in 2 weeks and I’m beyond excited. Love your videos
    and congrats on your final 🙂

  10. elgntlove3 said on 31-03-2015

    Rona! thank you for your videos and amazing energy! I am taking Anatomy
    this semester and I’m having the hardest time trying to memorize all the
    bones in the skull. Do you have any tips on studying for Anatomy? Thanks!

  11. Angel Alvarez said on 31-03-2015


  12. prettyE23 said on 31-03-2015

    I just finished my 1semester and super nervous to start 2nd semester cause
    of the horror stories about how hard it is and how so many people get
    dropped, in my program we need an 80% to pass, any advise you can give me
    is greatly appreciated!

  13. HaitianRemedy said on 31-03-2015

    You are so hot…

  14. Janeth Rodriguez said on 31-03-2015

    Are you studying for LPN or RN?

  15. cindy torres said on 31-03-2015

    Congratulations!! We missed you. Keep up the great work, and keep us in the

  16. klingie84 said on 31-03-2015

    1 semester down and 3 more to go!! We’ll b Rn’s b4 we know it

  17. lucia nguyen said on 01-04-2015

    Congrats hun

  18. smokeydasharky said on 01-04-2015

    wish you were in my class….LOL 😉

  19. DefinitelyCindy said on 01-04-2015

    Congratulation on your completion! I found your channel on my feeds and I
    was curious because I’m also majoring in Nursing (specifically RN).

  20. KeenaArtist said on 01-04-2015

    You’re almost done, and don’t feel bad about having a 76% prior to the
    finals. Nursing school is no joke, it’s not like other majors. When I
    graduated I felt so accomplished. Peds and OB compliment each other so
    well. Good luck!!!!

  21. HeyRona said on 01-04-2015

    Two year ADN program 🙂

  22. lovelylady0200 said on 01-04-2015


  23. Hayato said on 01-04-2015

    @ontheskies Bsn most places hiring prefer it and you must have it with 5
    years of your career

  24. NurseKillam said on 01-04-2015

    Great idea. I will add that to my list too. Multiple perspectives help.

  25. Arzoo Zafari said on 01-04-2015

    I am a nursing RN student second year, i finished first year while being
    pregnant.. Now with a baby if u are really want to follow ur dreams notting
    can get into ur way 😉

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