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Red  Inflamed Ear:Temporary Home Remedies

Red, inflamed ears are one of the most common problems in dogs. Allergies to food, pollens and molds,hairy ear canals, and swimming causes frequent ear infections in many dogs. This video shows…
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  1. josh h said on 19-03-2015

    White vinegar vs Apple cider vinegar for regular dog ear cleaning.which one
    is better and safer. She’s a golden retriever, and let’s just say the wax
    is crazy.

  2. Daniel Moskalenko said on 19-03-2015

    Hello Doctor Martinez,
    I have a red miniture Pincher he’s about 6-7 years old. He’s always been
    healthy, last two weeks I noticed him inching his ONE ear, he never had
    problems with ear,s always clean and nice, but this time got like a bruise
    and it is swollen, it’s NOT painful, but it’s itchy. I clean his ear,
    disinfect it, and put creams like in ur video. I also give him a pill
    against itching allergies… ITS NOT GETTING WORSE AND ITS NOT GETTING
    BETTER… No hair loss, no rapid eye movement no yeast no mites this is
    something different

    Little to medium blue-ish red-ish swollen bubble (easier to explain) not on
    ear flap and not inside but right in a middle. Inside is clean outside is
    clean. Just this middle-outside part is swollen.. I COULDNT FIND NIT ONE

    I was thinking maybe it’s a hematoma, but again it’s not not on ear flap..
    But it’s verry similar.. My min is not overweight and not too skinny his
    weigh is stable. His nose is cold and wet, runs around the house like
    always.. But I clean his ear 7times a day

  3. Greg Martinez DVM said on 19-03-2015

    I came home and saw my J.R.T. ears where totally red. So I looked up how to
    clean them. Then the redness went away, but he scratched them raw in two
    spots. I put cortisone on them. Am I doing the right process. I think it is

  4. Sho Ballotti said on 19-03-2015

    I shared the same fear that a lot of dog owners probably share; You love
    your dog and hate to see him/her uncomfortable. But you’re to scared to go
    to the vet because even just a consultation is expensive. So I tried all
    types of USELESS items from the pet stores. I even tried just vinegar and
    alcohol which I later learned can make your dog even more uncomfortable. I
    just watched this video for the first time and luckily I had everything you
    said minus the aspirin already available at home which worked out great
    because it was 4 in the morning. I used warm water, baby soap, vinegar,
    hydrocortisone, and Claritin Redi-tabs (Which, as expected, he had no
    problem eating as is, by the way). And I mean instantly….INSTANTLY after
    finishing following your instructions my dog went from irritated and
    uncomfortable, to happy and grateful (as I would assume by the way he jump
    on me and started licking me, panting franticly). I just want to thank you
    a million times for your help! I know it’s a temporary fix, but just to see
    him getting a good night’s rest as he is doing now makes me feel better.
    And I owe that to you. I can tell you’re knowledgeable and you love what
    you do because to share this information is a gift. So you have a new
    fan/subscriber out of me and I definitely plan on watching some more of
    your video for some tips. Keep up the good work!

  5. Alejandro Huerta said on 19-03-2015

    I have a German shepherd that I think his food is messing.with his ear
    what’s a good brand of dog food I can give him 

  6. lori brak said on 19-03-2015

    My dog has an odor, redness and drainage in his ear, I am going to take him
    to the vet tomorrow. I am wondering if I do as this video says if I might
    damage his ear drum since I cant see inside the ear to find out what is
    going on. Will the vinegar burn? A friend says coconut oil, I just don’t
    want to make it worse. He doesn’t appear to be in pain, he is his silly
    hungry playful self. It bothers me more than him I am sure lol. I am giving
    him Benadryl because I suspect he has allergies from the way he chews his

  7. kronik815 said on 19-03-2015

    How do I deal with my cleaning my dogs ear if it’s so sensitive to touch he
    bites at me every time I try to get close enough to clean it 

  8. Aine Keenan said on 19-03-2015

    it is Awesome but a little confusing 

  9. rhymeandreasoning said on 19-03-2015

    First off, GREAT LOOKING DVM 🙂
    Ok. My dog is 8 years old. Rhodesian Ridgeback. The love of my life. He is
    always getting an ear problem, usually yeast. I take him to the vet every
    time something happens with his ears and it is always the same problem and
    they prescribe the same medications. The are 2 different animal hospitals
    in my area, both only a 5 min walk away, and I have gone to both and both
    prescribe the exact same antibiotic ear drops SUROLAN. I usually take my
    dog 3 x a year to the vet for the same problem. Just to see the vet and the
    2 min examination 60.00 $$ and then they prescribe the SUROLAN and an ear
    wash…easily over 100.00 $$ everytime. I have to fork out 1400.00 a month
    in meds for myself, so sometimes money is very very tight. My dog had
    another ear problem , the exact same problem he always has. I decided to go
    to the vet and ask them to let me buy they SUROLAN without having to bring
    him in for the examination. They have my dogs file, they know he has been
    taken in many times before for the exact same problem, they know I cannot
    always afford the 60.00 $$ examination fee (which again takes 2 min) but
    they would not let me have the SUROLAN unless I take my dog in to be
    examined. I see the WALMART in the USA sells SUROLAN ..But not at the
    WALMARTS here in Canada. Is SUROLAN safe to buy online ? And is there
    something else I can use that I can buy here in Canada without having to
    go the vet everytime the same problem happens with his ears? Thanks .
    Kirk…Montreal, Canada

  10. justalilsparkle78 said on 19-03-2015

    is it safe to give a dog claritin long term? i gave her a 1/4 last night
    and the ear itching stopped! all my vet does is keep giving ointment but
    it was not working.

  11. Kitty Cat said on 19-03-2015

    Our long haired German shepherd has one red ear on inside; just the one
    ear; any ideas what it could be please? And what I can do? ️he not been
    scratching it or shaking his head x 

  12. Deirdre M said on 19-03-2015

    That you for using the ear model, I did not know that red part is where the
    dog shows allergies. My do has a red ear that is hot, ‘she is beagle and
    Chihuahua and her ears are floppy. It is usually one ear that gets inflamed
    and hot.

  13. Susan Toolan said on 19-03-2015

    Great video and information. Off to clean some ears!

  14. katiexoxo said on 19-03-2015

    My dog would bite my fingers off

  15. Carlos Craig said on 19-03-2015

    THANK YOU!! my dog is much happier and i am too!! 

  16. dominickhs said on 19-03-2015

    This really worked. Thank you for the great advice Dr. Greg, My dog shade
    thanks you too, 

  17. Cassandra Saenz said on 19-03-2015

    Hi there now my dog is said to be needing two ear canal removals. Will this
    remedy still work or is it too late? Any advice would be great. 

  18. Kitty Cat said on 19-03-2015

    We are in the UK x

  19. dan moeser said on 19-03-2015

    awesome presentation

  20. xgermanxloverx said on 19-03-2015

    Showed this method to my mom because her pug constantly gets ear infections
    and yeast infections on top of his head. At the time he had an ear
    infection and had scratched some small wounds on the top of his head
    because of it. We cleaned his ears with this method and applied cortisone
    ointment. She continued daily treatment of his ears and kept the scratches
    clean for a week. The wounds healed up and the infection went away!
    From watching your other videos, I told her it might be a food allergy
    causing the reaccuring infections (he kept getting them atleast once a
    month). We switched him over to a non-gluten diet and he has yet to get
    another ear or yeast infection! Thanks so much for your home remedies and a
    how to video! You’ve saved my mom a lot of vet visits! 

  21. Vicky Traversa said on 19-03-2015

    So refreshing to find a vet who cares enough to give home remedies.I
    ditched mine after they said they don’t discuss anything non medical!I just
    took on a puppy mill mum and they were only concerned about making $ off
    me.good on u…from australiaxo

  22. margaret Harrison said on 19-03-2015

    Dr. Greg, Why are you not doing a reality tv program. Dr. Pol is ok but you
    would be awesome. Nat Geo needs to give you a shot at it.

  23. Annie Chen said on 19-03-2015

    Doc Greg, today I went to my groomer snd got my dog groomed and she said
    his ear had an infection. The examination for his ear would cost $130 and I
    was wondering if this treatment would help get rid of his infection? Its
    not that bad, but he does scratch and shake a lot

  24. Khrystyna Dmytruk said on 19-03-2015

    Really good advice! My Shihtzu has had a few ear problems and I’m very glad
    that there’s something that I can try and do about it before I take him to
    the vet! Thank you! 

  25. Elizabeth Chin said on 19-03-2015

    Hello, how often should I do this procedure until my dog gets better?

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