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Tutorials created for K-12 educators and students to easily get started making models in SketchUp. Start by launching SketchUp, choosing a template, knowing toolsets, and navigating within your …

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  1. ollioddi said on 21-03-2015

    I hate this. i prefer Ketchup instead of Sketchup

  2. lay chhunyi said on 21-03-2015

    I try to choose Templates but there nothing appeared when I click on it can
    you explain why?

  3. Izak Perold said on 21-03-2015

    Kan iemand my asb se of daar mense is in Weskaap in Suid-Afrika is was
    sketch up gebruik asb.

  4. fadlie salie said on 21-03-2015

    this is an awesome program, thanks for making it available 

  5. ninghir said on 21-03-2015

    “i want to hover on her face”

    Yeah, im childish.

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