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TEDxBerlin - Gabe Zichermann -

Gabe Zichermann’s Talk, “Changing the Game in Education”, at TEDxBerlin 2012 “Future 3.0”. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local…
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  1. Tony Cairns said on 14-03-2015

    this is awesome – i will take it to my school in New Zealand – thanks a
    million – a revelation and a Damascus experience 

  2. Denton Hess said on 14-03-2015

    An excellent idea whose time has come.

  3. Juan Carlos Cruz Jiménez said on 14-03-2015

    Gamification is possibly the answer to an obsolete education system

  4. MsGnor said on 14-03-2015

    Compelling talk, thanks Gabe :)

  5. Joseph Reusswig said on 14-03-2015
  6. Immerse Learning said on 15-03-2015

    Gabe Zichermann’s TED talk:
    “Humans are doing machines” and should be engaged in active learning.
    Gamification and serious games are the solution to passive learning by
    providing Friends, Feedback and Fun.

  7. Tony Cairns said on 15-03-2015
  8. Kath Hart said on 15-03-2015
  9. Grywalizacja said on 15-03-2015

    TEDxBerlin – Gabe Zichermann – “Changing the Game in Education”

  10. said on 15-03-2015

    TEDx VIDEO (17m)- Gabe Zichermann – GAMIFICATION: “Changing the Game in
    Education” – TEDxBerlin – Gabe Zichermann – “Changing the Game in Education”

  11. Brad Siemens said on 15-03-2015
  12. Diego Ventura said on 15-03-2015

    This is sooo good! Im getting the dopamine effect just by watching it!

  13. DARYLO said on 15-03-2015

    google: dual n- back intelligence

  14. sebastian granada said on 15-03-2015

    can anyone tell me the name of the IQ BOOST GAME!?!? that was an awesome
    idea but i dont know the name of it to try it out!

  15. Funandconsciousness said on 15-03-2015

    YES!!! Feedback, friends and fun produce and enhance engagement. And games
    very definitely can provide these, leading to improvements in fluid
    intelligence — which is creative intelligence = being in new situations
    and having to figure stuff out. All that, folks, is REAL education. Gabe is
    so genuinely up-tone throughout this presentation … just as we all would
    love to be, yes?!!! So, think “gamification”.

  16. Mike Finney said on 15-03-2015

    “n-back” is something he has mentioned in a few presentations

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