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The Meat File – A fascinating and impressive documentation about the effects of eating meat on our health, the climate, world hunger and not lastly, on how we treat animals. The far-reaching…
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  1. Novakira Sato said on 31-03-2015

    Someone should just start going to restaurannts and silently play videos of
    slaughter while reading a book. The people that notice will get the idea.

  2. Diana L said on 31-03-2015

    As a Human, I am so, sorry for what we have done to all of you Sweet
    Animals, Go, Vegan, and Save Your Life(your Health), the Sweet Animals and
    Our Planet, let’s give the next Generation a better Chance – Our Children
    and their Children. Thank you for sharing the above Video.

  3. Ken Burns said on 31-03-2015

    Vegetarian is such a dirty word, go Vegan.

  4. Bananasifyful said on 31-03-2015

    I find it important to notice that going vegetarian won`t change anything.
    It`s only the first step. I hope that products like “beyond meat” will
    change the mass consumer and help towards a vegan society. This is a big
    step our evolution and care for the planet.
    Check out Cowspiracy!

  5. Sonia Van de Velde said on 31-03-2015

    I’m now a little over a year vegan and I never felt better! My
    bloodpressure has dropped, my cholesterol has dropped and I lost 5
    kilograms (I do not sport, so my weightloss commes slowly). It only
    encourages me more to continue my meatless diet! The only thing that was a
    little difficult in the beginning is to learn what fat was more healthy and
    learn about fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds who differ from nutrients,
    so my diet would be complete. Its not only for my healthy, but also because
    the meat INDUSTRY is immoral, cruel and soulless and the environnement is
    being distroyed fast! Nothing but positive facts by being a vegan :-)

  6. TheChristianTaoist said on 31-03-2015

    How do we wake people up to this inhuman atroicity that is killing my loved
    ones? My own animal-loving other half refuses to relinquish the basic RIGHT
    to eat animals, as if it was a god-given human privelage that I was trying
    to deny people.

  7. Maria Amore said on 31-03-2015

    Thank you for sharing the truth.

  8. Azyr Jake said on 31-03-2015

    Videos like these are one of the reasons why I hardly watch tv in my
    country anymore. Such valuable info which I can never find in mainstream
    media & government schools. Thanks for the upload :)

  9. Isabel Lopez said on 31-03-2015

    Me encanta viajar y la musica?

  10. Isabel Lopez said on 31-03-2015

    Me encanta viajar y la musica.

  11. dolores dempsey said on 31-03-2015

    I am just saying – I would not want to be judged as ‘all’ anything. It is
    impossible in my book to say ‘all or 99%’ of the human race ‘ should be
    judged, to be hated.
    It just leaves me speechless. I have never met this kind of hate in a
    person before. I won’t comment any more. We make our own lives.

  12. Andrew Leung said on 31-03-2015
  13. dolores dempsey said on 31-03-2015

    This is such good documentation. Another, called ‘Cowspiracy’ is
    unforgettable and awesome. I saw this several months ago. I haven’t eaten
    much meat in years, but this just did me in. One of the points is, the
    cost of raising cattle is equal to feeding the WORLD. DOCUMENTED.

    The substitutes and alternatives to meat eating, are getting more and more
    The benefits of eliminating meat and meat products are being evaluated and
    Personal politics are the source of our own well being, learned from
    personal inquiry and education. Personal knowledge is key. Yes, we all
    should see how our animals are treated and killed for our consumption.
    I don’t believe there is a 5 yr. old alive who would eat any more meat
    after one trip to see a factory cow or chicken’s fate, and death.
    I can share that my health is so so much better. I am concerned about my
    looks, but also my health. I find my changed eating habits so beneficial.

  14. Chickpea the Tortie said on 31-03-2015

    at 30. I do not believe for one minute that meat eaters would give up
    their disgusting habit if all slaughterhouses were open to the public. I’m
    surprised that meat eaters don’t gather outside slaughterhouses with their
    plates chanting “bring out the dead, bring out the dead” in fact I think a
    lot of them ‘get off’ on it. I have a very low opinion of all non-vegans
    in fact they make me sick and I hate them – yes – I hate 99% of the human
    race – its not very pleasant. Great documentary though it should be made
    compulsory viewing at all schools. 

  15. Joern Bolten said on 31-03-2015

    Everybody should watch this!!!

  16. Brandon Jackson said on 31-03-2015

    Growing up in the south I have seen a few of the dangers these people speak
    about, but completely eliminating meat from ones diet is a little extreme.
    I have seen many animals slaughtered and respect there lives, but I will
    continue to eat meat.

  17. Mark Martin said on 31-03-2015

    The only reason meat has any nutritional value is because the animal is a
    plant based animal. It’s pure premeditated evil to have people eat dead
    plant based animals, when they could just be plant based themselves without
    the killing of innocent creatures. The killing is only about making
    monsters feel useful in society. 

  18. Ghalyah Ghalyah said on 31-03-2015

    Overjoyed to be a vegetarian

  19. Frank Manti said on 31-03-2015

    Go vegan! 🙂 leaving dairy and eggs in your diet is bad for you and

  20. Frytz Doren said on 31-03-2015

    The MEAT File – A Documentation on Meat Consumption

    Un interesante documental para difundir sobre los efectos del consumo de
    carne en el trato hacia los animales, nuestra salud, en el clima, y en el
    el hambre del mundo.

    En español:

  21. allgoo19 said on 31-03-2015

    Take it with a grain of salt.

  22. George LFC said on 31-03-2015

    We should be showing these videos in school from an early age. 

  23. Andrea K Bernal D. said on 31-03-2015

    The MEAT File – A Documentation on Meat Consumption, Climate Change &
    Health #Vegan #Diet #Health 

  24. James Smith said on 31-03-2015

    Nobody is gonna live longer the is already predetermined in this world by
    not eating meat. The day we touch die, we die and nobody absolutely nobody
    can avoid it! So vegans leave fear!

  25. Jana Valentová said on 31-03-2015

    PLEASE WHO IS THE AUTHOR OF THE FILM? I would like to cite this work in my
    school work, THANK YOU FOR REPLY

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