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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In this critically important talk, clinical psychologist Julia Rucklidge explores a range of scientific…
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  1. Glenn Moran said on 27-03-2015

    Nutrition is as basic to mental health as pills are basic to addiction.
    Ihis video shows the stark truth.

  2. trailerman said on 27-03-2015

    Hello I have just watched your Videos and seen the comments.
    Thank you for posting this, I’m from India, 23, suffering from Depression n
    anger Issues n other stuff..although not clinically diagnosed because
    Depression is very Taboo, they just don’t get it.

    anyways the point is, I always believed that what we consume has a DIRECT
    effect on our THOUGHT. Once I get my stuff together, I plan to Learn and
    take up Online courses on Nutrition.

    I really appreciate the Work you are Doing Prof.Julia Rucklidge Thank you
    for Sharing all the Information. 

  3. Andrew Dunnet said on 27-03-2015

    ok , this is clearly on the right track. add education of a critical
    kind to.

  4. Jill Davis said on 28-03-2015

    I will create awareness every time I see a chance.

  5. Valerie Ling said on 28-03-2015

    Not advocating getting off medications, but looking outside of the medical
    model for well being.

  6. 1thusnelda said on 28-03-2015

    You can’t see it, but this mental health social worker is giving Dr. Julia
    Rucklidge a standing ovation.

  7. Logan Berman said on 28-03-2015

    Dr. Abram Hoffer was defiantly on to something, and he knew it.

  8. VICTORIA RIZZI said on 28-03-2015


  9. Arthur North said on 28-03-2015

    1. “The rates of mental illness are on the rise”—Rucklidge’s implying that
    actual rates of mental illness are rising, when in fact mental illness as a
    portion of the population is stable—we are merely becoming better at
    diagnosing and classifying illness.

    2. The general premise of the micro nutrient argument is flawed. Compared
    to the bulk of human evolutionary history, modern people have never eaten
    better. Food is abundant, often fortified, and carefully regulated by our
    governments. For thousands of years humans foraged on the most marginal
    sources of foods; now we have a vast plethora of nutritious and calorically
    dense foods at our disposal. I hardly think mental illness is caused by a
    lack of nutritious food.

    Given the choice between receiving my nutritional advice from a
    psychologist, or the MDs at Harvard (, I
    think I’ll take it from the latter over the former.

  10. kaaren niwa said on 28-03-2015

    Fabulous… how very true.

  11. Leslie Botha said on 28-03-2015

    The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health | Julia
    Rucklidge |
    The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health | Julia
    Rucklidge | TEDxChristchurch

  12. FindingMyWayHome said on 28-03-2015

    Please visit my live mental health support chat room!
    Register for free. Click on DEB’S MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT ROOM. No-one needs
    to be alone anymore in the dark pit of mental illness. Love Deb

  13. Trudy Scott said on 28-03-2015

    The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health | Julia
    Rucklidge | TEDxChristchurch The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in
    mental health | Julia Rucklidge | TEDxChristchurch

  14. Deborah Barnwell said on 28-03-2015
  15. Melinda Russell said on 28-03-2015

    You are what you absorb. You have a similar message to some of the other
    scientists and health professionals who lectured at the Institute for
    Integrative Nutrition in NY. If you haven’t been invited to lecture there,
    or have an interest in it I think they would really appreciate your work!!!
    Thank you for your courage. I work with a nutritional supplement line and
    have been saying for years that their fish oil is one of the key things I
    would give just about anyone. It is a superior formulation, and in general
    I advocate using supplementation and dietary changes to assist the body in
    doing what it is designed to do for itself. Inflammation disguises itself
    in many ways! Thank you Julia.

  16. Mary Senn said on 28-03-2015

    This was a wonderful talk and I enjoyed it immensely! As a clinical social
    worker, I talk with my clients all the time about the importance of diet.
    I would love to see the day when the social work curriculum included
    classes on nutrition.

  17. Superfrenchies Super said on 28-03-2015

    search for orthomolecular medicine created by a 2 times prize nobel

  18. Julie Johnston said on 28-03-2015

    Best TED talk I’ve ever seen. Thank you Professor Rucklidge! As a Clinical
    Psychologist I try to encourage clients to take an active role in lifestyle
    factors that can help them manage their situation. I will be now be
    emphasising the role of nutrition more emphatically! 

  19. BFYBtech said on 28-03-2015

    It’s too often overlooked, the fact that a poor diet will significantly
    alter your psychological well-being over time. 

  20. TheLuminous01 said on 28-03-2015

    I wish the rest of the world would wake up to this.

  21. Lighthouse Health said on 28-03-2015

    This is an amazing TED Talk about the role nutrition plays in our everyday
    lives, particularly with regards to mental illness. Research continues to
    show how important quality nutrition and supplementation is to optimum
    health and vitality.

  22. Celeste Halliwell said on 28-03-2015

    Most people in our society don’t realize how our food sources have become
    depleted in nutrients. Too many pesticides deplete the soils of nutrients,
    all of which is not replaced by fertilizers. Studies have been done on the
    nutrient content of produce which has been on a decreasing trend for
    decades! The carrots you buy at most stores are not full of the nutrients
    they used to be, hence the need for more organic produce. And yes we need
    to bring in the pharmaceutical companies because they are running the
    government and not always with wise choices!! CH, BSc Dietetics, PhD

  23. Claire Graham Kellerman said on 28-03-2015

    What a beautiful, clear, insightful and accurate talk. If anyone needs
    proof that Psychiatric medication is child abuse in some cases, and that it
    is possible to work with nutrition, amino acids and healthy choices like
    daily walks, yoga & other healing modalities, to free oneself of all toxic
    meds, I am happy to share my story. I was drugged against my will for 19
    years. I fought to survive the lies, labels and poison pills, and I found
    support, amazing doctors of integrative wellness who honor the body and
    mind and Spirit to heal the trauma of being abused and lied to and drugged.
    I am so grateful for your voice, sharing this sanity here in this TED Talk.
    I pray it catches on quickly.
    Trust yourself. Trust your body. Trust Nature to heal naturally, and be
    good to yourself! All I heard here is 100% True. There is another way. It
    is easier to drug a child than be a responsible parent when you’re an
    addict. I learned this the hard way when I was adopted. I am free, &
    healthy, and grateful to assist others becoming so, & that’s what matters

  24. Gregory Mascari said on 28-03-2015

    Fantastic Julia … telling it like it is!

  25. Javita Healthy Lifestyle said on 28-03-2015

    Very important, must watch!

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