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This video was created for the THIS IS PUBLIC HEALTH campaign for the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH). The campaign consists of 40000 stickers, 17 schools and a simple microsite…
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  1. Nick Matthews said on 25-03-2015

    this video is off the chain yo!!

  2. Eve Haegele said on 25-03-2015

    +pji1979 Bike racks are absolutely public health. Providing a safe place to
    lock up a bike promotes bike usage which promotes exercise and on a grander
    scale encourages policy makers to create and maintain sidewalks and bike
    lanes which promote bike and foot traffic so people don’t have to drive
    their cars everywhere.

  3. Bill Francis said on 25-03-2015

    He looks like a winner as well

  4. Raya Alchukr said on 25-03-2015

    Very cool and informative…we should share it with our young generations
    and children..

  5. T Vardanyan said on 25-03-2015

    Great clip

  6. Bill Francis said on 25-03-2015

    the guy at 2:31 is an expert in the prevention of cancer

  7. Bill Francis said on 25-03-2015

    this is public health fo sho!

  8. Najmaddin AHMED said on 25-03-2015
  9. johammbass said on 25-03-2015

    This is public nanny state

  10. tqhous2 said on 25-03-2015

    great video!!!

  11. trinidad vue said on 25-03-2015

    eh up!

  12. diana13didi said on 25-03-2015

    great promo! It really shows public health is in every aspect of life.

  13. pji1979 said on 25-03-2015

    It’s a great idea to make more people aware of public health, but you take
    it too far in this video. I mean, safe sex, sure, but bike racks? Come on.

  14. francisco siguenza said on 25-03-2015

    That’s cool guys. Actually I just start my semester studying intro to
    public health. And a video like this can educate the popultation somehow.

  15. SuperHealthyHealth said on 25-03-2015

    Great video on public health.

  16. CollierTrue said on 25-03-2015

    @pji1979 Bike racks are public Health! Bike paths and racks encourage
    riding, so yes they are a very basic level of public health…creating the
    infrastructure for people to be healthy.

  17. Basanta Mishra said on 25-03-2015

    great video.really we need to perk up

  18. johammbass said on 25-03-2015

    No, you don’t do a lot, you just put some stickers on shit.

  19. najafi726 said on 25-03-2015

    great video! our professors showed this to us in our nursing group!

  20. pji1979 said on 25-03-2015

    I think my original comment came out wrong. What I meant was public health
    is an important field that more people should learn about, and I think a
    public health campaign should focus more on a few, pressing current issues
    in the field, such as environmental public health and infectious diseases,
    rather than attempt to show that it’s ubiquitous.

  21. Sharon Younkin said on 25-03-2015

    great video!

  22. Alex Keep said on 25-03-2015

    That’s a ton of stickers! Did they all get posted through the city?

  23. Hamilton County Public Health said on 25-03-2015

    The sticker campaign is intriguing. Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel if
    you’re interested in public health concerns. Thanks!

  24. TheDaezy said on 25-03-2015

    My dream career!

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