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  1. Gabriel Theodoro said on 04-03-2015

    Fala galera be-leza jb sniper na area trazenndo mais um … calma um maluco
    correndo ali .. Beleza ta dowm parceiro!!

  2. Gabriel Peixoto said on 04-03-2015

    Jb sniper porra the best sniper on bf3 br carai

  3. Gabriel Kukimanski_122 said on 04-03-2015

    Sei La Me Deu Uma Nostalgia Do BF3 Agr Emocionado JB Sniper

  4. leonardo santana said on 04-03-2015

    Jb sniper the best sniper of all , vlw flw

  5. Alamir K. said on 04-03-2015

    “Dont run because you just gonna die tired” – JB ‘FUCKING’ SNIPER

  6. rique BR said on 04-03-2015

    só eu que conheci essa musica pelo mito JB Sniper?

  7. ShadowScone said on 04-03-2015

    JB deixa seu legado nessa música. “The best recon in the word”

  8. Gabriel Kukimanski_122 said on 04-03-2015

    JB Sniper

  9. David Williams said on 04-03-2015


  10. Gabriel ' said on 04-03-2015


  11. Conor Mc said on 04-03-2015

    what the fuck is a jb sniper

  12. SasquattchBR said on 04-03-2015

    “And I can tell just what you want
    You don’t want to be alone
    You don’t want to be alone
    And I can’t say it’s what you know
    But you’ve known it the whole time
    Yeah, you’ve known it the whole time”

    To my teacher and friend,JB SNIPER you will be eternal in our hearts.

  13. Gustavo Henrique said on 04-03-2015

    to aki por causa do jb

  14. Fabrício Monteiro said on 04-03-2015

    Jb Sniper nessa porra !

  15. Vinicius vilas boas de sene said on 04-03-2015

    Metade das views por causa do JB “MITO” Sniper

  16. Katarzyna Szymańska said on 04-03-2015

    Rozbił mnie ten obrazek xDD
    ale nuta spoko ;)

  17. Thiago LeiteO said on 04-03-2015

    Essa musica = JB Sniper

  18. Brian Mendez said on 04-03-2015

    Lmao I remember this from years ago! and I remember it had no likes and
    everyone was commenting woot no likes and I was first one to unlike XD

  19. TH3 3 L3G ZOMB13 said on 04-03-2015

    this remix is better than the original song imo

  20. Breno Fernando said on 04-03-2015

    Melhor sniper do mundo JB sniper

  21. HUDSON GAMING said on 05-03-2015

    JB Sniper Forever

  22. Fabrício Monteiro said on 05-03-2015

    Jb sniper hu3 br

  23. cod maniac said on 05-03-2015

    I remember back when I was in 6th grade bumping Malaysian Cali shuffle
    songs 🙂

    Good times 

  24. le laranjon said on 05-03-2015


  25. poseidomist said on 05-03-2015

    Jb_Sniper :3

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