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4 False Assumptions of 20th Century Medicine – Caffeine’s Effect on the Body – Artificial Sweetener’s Effect on the Body – Modern Voodoo Medicine – Water’s…

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  1. abcdef abcdef said on 02-03-2015

    Im hooked just started drinking 8 glasses of water a day and urine is still
    not clear which means I’m more d hydrated than I thought. Whats the best
    way to get children to drink more water? 

  2. Luke Morrison said on 02-03-2015

    Something else that water also does for us in our bones:

  3. Luke Morrison said on 02-03-2015

    In reality 99% of your molecules are water molecules!

    The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDxGuelphU

  4. robert4you said on 02-03-2015

    Thank you VERY much for this upload! I really needed this information.

  5. Luke Morrison said on 02-03-2015

    Check out Dr Pollack’s vision at Washington University Pollack Lab. He is
    peer reviewed and has some amazing patents using this EZ water technology.

    “Water and Health

    We are studying the central role of water in health. We are two-thirds
    water — by volume. In terms of the percentage of molecules, that
    two-thirds figure computes to a lot of water molecules: more than 99% of
    our molecules are water molecules. Evidence suggests that those 99% don’t
    merely sit as the background carriers of the more important molecules of
    life, but are central participants. All that the cell does depends on water.

    That leads to the hypothesis that proper hydration is a central feature of
    function, and therefore of health.

    Considerable evidence supports that point of view. Informal discussion of
    the evidence for the role of water in health appears in an interview with
    Dr. Mercola
    And, a recent lecture dealing with EZ water and health is found here The
    Fourth Phase of Water – Professor Gerald Pollack. And, a grant proposal
    recently submitted to the NIH contains a more formal discussion of the

    We are actively seeking funding to carry out a comprehensive study on the
    role of water in health. The public seems hungry for this kind of
    information. With our background in water chemistry and biology, we feel
    we’re well equipped to carry out those studies.

    Who knows? EZ water may become the next wonder drug.”

  6. gratefulandamazed said on 02-03-2015

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. James Kim said on 02-03-2015

    Does anyone know if Dr. B ever mentioned how long it would take to be
    property hydrated after a regime of drinking lots of water/natural salt
    when you are dehydrated?

  8. Idalis De Leon said on 02-03-2015

    Always had the feeling about coffee. Dehydration is the cause of so many

  9. Perfect Balance said on 02-03-2015

    Thanks for sharing this video. I’ve been dealing with multiple sclerosis
    for 4yrs now. I came across something about body weight and water. I did
    it. And with in a few hours I was actually walking way better. Water is
    Magical. And when you really understand water. It is Truly LOVE./.

  10. 1983SMOGGY said on 02-03-2015

    whats a good cheap water filter to get from amazon? Reverse osmosis (thinks
    thats the name) they any good plz?

  11. RYAN MCMAHON said on 02-03-2015

    He is right on point!

  12. Pil Ka said on 02-03-2015

    is that also would be good to prevent
    someone from having seizures or what can someone do to prevent seizures
    specially during sleep

  13. blabla fackenbla said on 02-03-2015

    Dr. Batman? AWESOME!

  14. hyylo said on 02-03-2015

    drink lots of water to reduce dry skin and eczema

  15. EuphoricImpact said on 02-03-2015

    Such great information! I had viewed parts of this talk (months ago), but
    not all of it. Thank you for the post! Water chemistry has always been an
    interest of mine!!!

  16. Stgfre said on 02-03-2015

    I did an experiment I drank a whole pitcher of water with salt and, all of
    a sudden I got diarrhea. Can someone explain why did this happen and, is
    this good or bad?

  17. Amber Adams Lee. said on 02-03-2015

    This is worth listening too!

  18. Shirley Strachan said on 02-03-2015

    This video is Awesome I found it just over
    A week ago
    and I can’t stop watching it, Thank God I
    Found it in time. Is as if he is speaking to me personally,
    I am drinking a lot of water and using salt now and I am must
    Better now. any my families and friends are all joingin too
    Amazing Video thanks, 

  19. Jana Clinton said on 02-03-2015

    I have shared this video with so many that I love and care about. This is
    worth your time. Here is his book… also fabulous Your Body’s Many Cries
    for Water, & You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! – Jana Clinton

  20. Archana Jain said on 02-03-2015

    OUR HERO : Dr.Batmanghelidge
    Inspiration for our founder Hiten Patel and for A dis- Ease free world

    A must watch to understand #Water and its #life rendering esssence

  21. losmaces said on 02-03-2015

    Thanks for sharing this, Luke. I have watched it twice in two days, that’s
    an amazing video.

  22. Ron Johnson said on 02-03-2015

    Thanks so much for posting. I had a CD of this and didn’t know there was a
    video. I have learned so much from his books and have since been teaching
    the importance of drinking water and how to have the best, safe, water from
    one’s tap. Given that our bodies are 70+% water, how little education is
    given by the standard medical community to the amount and quality of water
    we should be drinking. We have seen many people also experience
    improvements in their lives by following his recommendations given in this
    video and his books. Spread the word everyone!

  23. Slim Chandra-Shekar said on 02-03-2015

    Great video, thanks for sharing. Do you know anyone who has done this
    protocol and can talk with me?

  24. LonelyHibiscus said on 02-03-2015

    WOW!!! Thank you for posting +Luke Morrison 

  25. wingsonmyback1 said on 02-03-2015

    This will change the way I think of how to be healthy, I started drinking
    Natural sparkling mineral water S. Pellegrino, someone told me it is acid
    causing does anyone know anything about this?

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