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Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet can lead to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Weil explains why berries and cruciferous vegetables should be a focal point in the diet. Join Dr. Weil…
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  1. LaughsatVideos said on 01-04-2015

    Microwave them OMG NO that is radiating food and killing all cells…just
    put them in a little hot water for a few minutes… through the cancer
    causing microwave in the dump…

  2. Omni2686 said on 01-04-2015

    I’m surprised he uses a microwave.

  3. Stian Bjøntegaard said on 01-04-2015

    I like this guy! Very reasonable way of thinking nutrition. I love
    berries too. I’d be happy if he had mentioned sea buckthorn, – those
    aren’t too exotic, like goji and acai, but are very nicely composed

    Greens are good in soups, and lots of different spices too, gives both
    tastes and tons of interesting phytochemicals. I like to blend some, and
    cut others into different sices. Some ala-strong nuts and seeds are also
    nice to add in the blender, although, some of the nutritions are protected
    by the plants own chemical protection mechanisms. Those can be broken
    down, locked up, kind of, by fermenting. That’s a science of it self, with
    tenfolds, if not hundreds og different cultures with different benefits.
    Even better is, if one have the time and interest to sprout some of those
    before adding them to your diet. 

  4. Nouri Noor said on 01-04-2015

    Thank you for sharing a lot of good advice in 3 mins:) very healthy! to be
    even more healthier its better to avoid microvaing the berries;) instead
    you would steam them

  5. anderew martinez said on 01-04-2015

    The microwave harming you k maybe you can use it all night long and sleep
    next to it. The benefit from eating naturally the right thing at the right
    time. Finding your happy and less worries. Surrounding yourself with happy
    and positive people. The right things balance out minor technicalities
    radiation and blah blah blah. My mother has rheumatoid arthritis . A
    colostomy bag all thanks to enbrel, diverticulitis and A cyst on her
    intestine. A HERNIA THEY CAN’T FIX. Andrew plus Dr. Oz have been a big part
    in helping me keep her around a bit longer. I love you guys. Live happy

  6. A Ben said on 01-04-2015

    microwave is not good for your health

  7. Julia Schneider said on 01-04-2015

    Dr. Weil – Best Fruits and Vegetables for Your Health….Best Fruits and
    Vegetables for Your Health – Gardening with Dr. Weil

  8. cheryl hamilton said on 01-04-2015

    seeds and organic berries? PLEASE you should lose 30 lbs…..a lot of beer

  9. Sheryl Cooper said on 01-04-2015

    He said microwave for 20 seconds. I’m doubtful that they are being
    rearranged to a great extent.

  10. grasse77 said on 01-04-2015

    Personally, my concern isn’t so much proteins as enzymes and vitamins,
    which are far more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. Is there
    conclusive evidence showing that microwaving doesn’t affect them

  11. Jacqui Fairfield said on 01-04-2015

    Great advice Dr Weil………………But Microwave??? you do know it’s the
    worst tool for “Cooking” It destroys the cellular structure and basically
    removes all nutrients from food

  12. Aeythvaenn said on 01-04-2015

    20 seconds, yes he did, the question is: how damaging can it be after only
    20 seconds

  13. Sheri Stewart said on 01-04-2015

    Frozen, in big box stores when on sale is your best bet… 🙂

  14. pierluigi sonsini said on 01-04-2015

    I love berries too. I usually snack on berries-salads, mixing strawberry,
    blueberry, raspberry and black berry. I wish they weren’t so expensive,
    though! 🙁

  15. Pratik Bhatt said on 01-04-2015

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    extra minute in the gym, then you have to keep an eye on this video
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  16. Tricia Stout said on 01-04-2015

    Thank you for your time and concern in making this video:) Good thing I
    love my fruits and veggies!!

  17. renaldiet said on 01-04-2015

    I do not like using a microwave as a means of heating food but it is a
    great tool.

  18. Aeythvaenn said on 01-04-2015

    you arent saying anything substantiated, you just sound like fear mongering

  19. AdorationChapel said on 01-04-2015

    Frozen anything forces vital nutrients out of the food — careful. Not to
    be paranoid but something you should know if you want maximum nutrients of
    the food you are to eat at any given time. Frozen bread is also a sign that
    it’s goodness is much less gone. Don’t be afraid to freeze something if you
    really have to. Not many people know the art of canning anymore.

  20. Salmo Jack said on 01-04-2015

    right on!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Swiss Prefontaine said on 01-04-2015

    epic beard man

  22. cookletsdothis said on 01-04-2015

    I would put garlic and onions above the cruciferous vegetables in terms of

  23. colostomybonanza said on 01-04-2015

    Absolutely untrue. An oscillating electromagnetic field rapidly reorients
    the constituent water molecules due to their asymmetric charge
    distribution, and this causes heat. It does not in and of itself denature
    proteins or any suchlike. Examine very closely where you get your
    information from, because it’s completely false and you can do way better
    than parroting that tinfoil hat stuff.

  24. SafeSpaceInc said on 01-04-2015

    You got that right. Dr. Weil ain’t yer friend peoples.

  25. SafeSpaceInc said on 01-04-2015

    Microwaving? Just let them partially thaw out on their own. Microwaving?
    Really? Do some research peoples on Dr. Weil. Seriously.

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