Make Your Life Better! In this video Peter Carvell shows you one of the best juice recipes for fat loss and ultimate health. He also shares one of his secret ingredient…

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  1. Second Chances said on 02-04-2015

    Be wary spinach and beets everyday you can get kidney stones way too many
    oxalatessssss not safe its good to rotate these things

  2. fuck you t said on 02-04-2015

    I rather use blender to blended all the fruits and veggies. Bcuz I found
    out when I juicing wasted all the pulps and fibers. 

  3. Chris Coppola said on 02-04-2015

    Excellent just what I was after thanks for posting.

  4. Devan OG said on 02-04-2015

    So should I buy a blender or just buy a juicer? please answer ASAP!

  5. tony tran said on 02-04-2015

    Do they sells this like in bottle or do you have to really make your own.. 

  6. Covencraft said on 02-04-2015

    omg you need to peel the lemon…. peel makes it more bitter.

  7. luteplayer80 said on 02-04-2015

    Just tried it, I was afraid it would have tasted awful…. it was delicious
    instead! Congratulations and thank you for your video. Cheers from Italy!

  8. crashoverride1000 said on 02-04-2015

    Unless you’re chewing on veggies for hours you’re not breaking it down
    enough to benefit, blending is good but juicing is better do some research
    the guy who started this lived to 99 years. DR. Norman Walker

  9. darren kawasaki said on 02-04-2015

    nice one. thank’s for sharing.

  10. Ado Podrinje said on 02-04-2015

    why not combining this in an Nutribullet ? like I DO ? U GET EVERYTHING
    from these pure natural Superfoods! the juice and pulp combined with water!
    mmmmm yammie!

  11. NaturalFoods said on 02-04-2015

    Awesome Video! Very informational! We just launched our channel with
    Organic Food Reviews! Check it out!

  12. Abraham Eli said on 02-04-2015

    What about mixing it with a sweeter fruit juice like pineapple fruit juice;
    so that children can have it?

  13. sam jenifer said on 02-04-2015

    omg i like this 

  14. Kason Porter said on 02-04-2015

    I like this it helped me get ripped and get girls the bro

  15. monkeh88 said on 02-04-2015

    what smoothie do you recommend for cycling 140km a day 

  16. mancitypreston said on 02-04-2015

    I bought a Juice Extractor today and used it with this recipe. Its tastes
    great. My 10 year old daughter was not impressed, but thats not surprising
    – she’s a carb freak. 

  17. wake up kiddo said on 02-04-2015

    If you want to give advices about health and so on, educate yourself first,
    please, because all that “acidic bod / alkaline body” is a complete
    bullshit that has been scientifically proven to be false at least hundred

  18. Ibad MJ said on 02-04-2015

    Dear Petter is it okay to drink this juice twice a day 

  19. Daniel Saavedra said on 02-04-2015

    can you put vodka in it?

  20. Matt Lane said on 02-04-2015

    You look like you would kill me if I made this wrong! 

  21. Tommy Harris said on 02-04-2015

    Juicing can pile on the pounds if you’re not careful by playing havoc with
    sugar levels.

  22. anonymousdefence2015 said on 02-04-2015

    slow juicer bro…….. you kill most of enzymes and distroy some of that
    good stuff you talking about when you use that machine

  23. Jonathan Lively said on 02-04-2015

    Can you pre make 2 or three juices for a day?

  24. Stacey Pittman said on 02-04-2015

    What makes you think being alkaline is healthy? I hear that a lot and it;s
    not true.

  25. JOHNNY Nguyen said on 02-04-2015

    All of the nutrients are in the fruits and vegies stalk and skin and thats
    all been thrown away so i would put those ingredients in a nutriblaster

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