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A cartoon explanation of why we need a public health insurance option. Now that the health care bill has passed, my friend Andy Lubershane (the animator) has made another video about a topic…

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  1. Puglous said on 03-04-2015

    Liberals are the scum of the Earth. They say you can’t speak out against
    abortion if you don’t adopt, yet how much have any of them donated to, say,
    the Red Cross? 

  2. John SC said on 03-04-2015

    It should be automatically available to any one who has an illness they
    were born with or developed during an injury or traumatic experience.
    Those are the people who have a right not to be charged for their

  3. TheFeralcatz said on 03-04-2015

    Just look at the quality of the systems that are present in most of Europe,
    you have to be mentally disturbed if you want that system mirrored here.
    People literally starve to death in hospitals in the UK because nurses
    can’t be bothered to bring them food, just disgusting. 

  4. Joshua Eckhardt said on 04-04-2015

    This video is flat wrong on several points. The most obvious of which is
    the utter failures that the government runs called Medicare and the post
    office. Both of these institutions are in the red financially EVERY SINGLE
    YEAR. They require taxpayer bailouts EVERY SINGLE YEAR. They are riddled
    with inefficiency, waste and embody all the worst bureacracy had to offer. 

  5. Seb Gigner said on 04-04-2015

    It is inhumane to charge people for their healthcare. Simple as that. The
    American government have been brainwashed into thinking profit, business
    (capitalism) is the be all and end all of life. They think that you’ve
    lived a good life if you manage to make a few dollars and run a successful
    bushiness. Yet they don’t seem to realise that the most important parts of
    life are exactly that, life. Every single person in modern society should
    be given the basic essentials of life for free, and if that means hiking up
    taxes on the rich, corrupt, corporate businesses then fine by me.

  6. Jesse Thomas said on 04-04-2015

    Fucking retarted video

  7. henry first said on 04-04-2015

    We don’t.
    And you make sure you vote for that.

    Voting is an illusion.
    Voters believe they choose their governance.
    They believe their representatives represent them.
    The trend of government is always alienation of the voter.
    If you believe government is for the people then you see corruption.
    Government has one role. It serves the interests of those with money and
    Power is based on land and assets.
    Voters are slaves begging for rights. You’ll only get an illusion to keep
    you believing you are free.

  8. David Cummings said on 04-04-2015

    As a G.B. citizen and a Labour Party member, we in the U.K. have had a
    National Health Service since 1948 (Labour set it up) How you explained it
    to the U.S. Nation in this video makes it so simple!… we social democrats
    in G.B. wish you well for a fair equitable Health Care Support System in
    the U.S.

  9. GreenMedicine1 said on 04-04-2015

    Something tells me pretty much anyone who disagrees with this video does
    not have any medical problems that they have to worry about paying for
    themselves, and they think they probably never will.

  10. Nobody said on 04-04-2015

    Let me help everyone without using any rhetoric or sound bytes, I would
    appreciate the same in your responses. Socialized Healthcare just means
    that the government makes the payment for you. You pay a portion or at
    healthier times of your life, more for this healthcare indirectly. The
    government has a monopoly on paying for healthcare. Doctors give the
    government the bill for your healthcare not directly to you, you pay for
    this indirectly. This is just like the military, each bullet costs money,
    each soldier is paid a wage, you pay for this indirectly, at times the
    government goes into debt to make these payments. My argument for all, is
    to look at healthcare like you look at the military, as a necessity, and
    not as a luxury, Once your see this it will start to make sense. Now with
    this in mind. Do you want our entire army to be staffed by Halliburton? We
    just pay a company to fight our most important battles? This wouldn’t be
    efficient and mercenaries are not the best ones to fight the good fight!

  11. bigbangnone said on 04-04-2015

    This video is OLD and WRONG. Obama-care is NOT Gov run MED Insurance.
    It’s just another corporate – government alignment to force moneys out of
    the small people while many government employees like all senators do not
    have to participate in the Obama-care forced poor care and rip-off plan.
    Nope, Senators get a very high level of medical expertise that the common
    people pay for.
    Meanwhile the Supreme court has outstepped their bounds and ruled that
    the 2nd Amendment can be removed by any state. This is tyranny because
    those Supreme court Justices were appointed by anti-gun presidents like
    Obama who met with anti-gun Justice Sotomayor before he appointer her to
    the Supreme court.

    Any forced Health-care should have been a vote by the people of the US,
    then a senate vote.
    No Muslim president is going to open my boarders and let everybody in then
    force me to pay for their healthcare.
    This has to be an initial vote for the right management of the Healthcare
    before we attempt to force anything on US citizens. There is still allot of
    profit taking on Obama-care. 

  12. Luther Delancy said on 04-04-2015

    We’ve got to much damn socialism in the country as it is!! Let’s not go any
    further down that road please.
    And when you hear somebody talking about “profits” like its evil to
    accumulate wealth….you are listening to a communist. 

  13. Ricky Cespedes said on 04-04-2015

    Very smart awesome video man. That’s the way things HAVE TO BE.

  14. 62 Fighter said on 04-04-2015

    Born and raised in a country like Denmark i find this resistance towards
    universal health care completely insane. I mean this is the whole reason
    why we have a society right? To help each other when we are in the need of
    help. And the saddest thing is that many Americans who are poor and who
    would actually benefit from such health care rejects it because they have
    been brainwashed to think that needing and asking for help during hard
    times is somehow a terrible thing.

  15. Eric Poznanski said on 04-04-2015

    Universal Healthcare = Prosperity for the masses 

  16. JRS9000 said on 04-04-2015

    Excellent video. I’ve used the same argument when confronting those
    against national health care–that I’m not offered group fire rescue, group
    police protection, group trash collection or group education to the 12th
    grade plans by my employer.

    Further, the US has already 4 forms of socialized medicine: Medicare,
    Medicaid, Tri-Care and VA Health.

    If for example someone in the military starts smoking taxpayer-subsidized
    (cheaper) cigarettes (purchased in the PBX or commissary), then 10 years
    after he ends his relationship with the military he develops
    smoking-related lung cancer, he can pull out his Tri-Care Prime card to
    have taxpayers foot the bill for his lung cancer treatment–even
    considering that smoking isn’t even a requirement for military duty. As of
    the writing of this post, Tri-Care Prime members pay just $11 a day for a
    hospital stay.

  17. Ban ana said on 04-04-2015

    Why we don’t need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance.
    From what I have personally seen Univercial Health care, IN THE USA,
    specifically helps people living off welfare, predominately. All while
    hurting MOST people in the middle class. According to CNS news, “As of the
    fourth quarter of 2011 there were 108,592,000 people living in households
    in the United States that received benefits from one or more “means-tested”
    government programs, according to the Census Bureau’s estimate,”
    ( Via my interpretation, and evidence in the article it’s
    self, this is health care. Now the total number of people to vote in 2012,
    according to Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley – The American Presidency
    Project, was precisely 129,085,403 people. So lets guess that there are
    318,900,000 people living in the USA. Divide that by the number of people
    on some form of welfare then multiply that by the number of People who
    voted in 2012 and you get 43,956,231 people divide that by the total number
    of voters and you get 34% of voters possibly on welfare. Using that lets
    presume, for my point, that this is an accurate percentage of voters on
    welfare. Are they going to vote for the person who is anti Universal health
    care or pro Universal health care. That, believe it or not, is a huge
    percentage of voters. At base line this makes people not want to get off
    welfare. This means their children will stay on welfare. Forever adding to
    the percent of people in the lower class. This supports a massive lower
    class controlled by the government. A government controlled, and run by
    corporations who payed for the politicians election campaigns so they will
    puppet their want and needs. This is the start of a dictatorship. So my
    point is we are not wanting, “poor people to die or live a life in misery,”
    we want them to get a job and support to economy and pay their taxes and
    and support the economy, not be a drag on it. This is open for
    interpretation, and I will gladly receive criticism. Thank you.


    Ban ana


  18. SamCobb isBased said on 04-04-2015

    Thank you for telling the truth. Obamacare is corporate bullshit and will
    just make it more appealing for private health insurance companies to make
    us debt slaves to their private schemes.

  19. Duds47 said on 04-04-2015

    You aren’t going to convince smart people of the benefit of a single payer
    system by demonizing the profit motive. Single payer has a lot of merit,
    but your case for it is compelling only to your average fourth grader.
    Since most smart people understand the profit motive and capitalism is
    what has done more to improve the collective standard of living for more
    people than literally any other concept in human history, you should point
    to systems like Canada, Japan, Germany and others that employ a single
    payers system but allow for private insurance competition to cover what
    basic single payer coverage does not. The minute you start saying profits
    are evil and corporations make more profit by denying coverage than
    providing better service is the minute people that could be otherwise
    convinced, tune you out as just another liberal idealogue blinded by left
    wing kool-aid.

  20. Manu Sekhar said on 04-04-2015

    Hello! Loved your video! Since you are on the topic of insurance; have you
    used the services from ” Your Insurance Guy Singapore ” (do a google
    search)? My HR Manager had some dealings with them and was impressed by
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  21. javier18526 said on 04-04-2015

    bull shit ! free are you stupid

  22. slumdog said on 04-04-2015

    Voting for a Government Should be a “Crime”…

  23. Matt Morin said on 04-04-2015

    Yes. Let’s make another government controlled monopoly. Sounds great.

  24. blackout94 said on 04-04-2015

    Don’t mind these anti socialized medicine idiots, they are defending the
    insurance companies, those companies would steal a penny from a dead mans
    eye (red dead redemption quote). 

  25. Michaelstroud1982 said on 04-04-2015

    So you want a mafia to control

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