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Question by lady cottager: What to people think about the Mind/Body connection?
With much more of a prevalence of topics about diseases and cures spreading through media such as the internet and t.v., it seems that we are getting even more paranoid than necessary about our bodies…? Do you think a lot of symptons we may feel like we’re having are psychosomatic? There has been reported evidence that the mind plays a signifcant role in whether we are susceptible to certain things. Are practices like meditation and mind-over-matter helpful? Positive thinking? Just some ideas that have been splashing around in my head…

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Answer by bigA
IMO, the mind is the cause and the body is the effect. Yet, most see their body as being in control and they are completely either ignorant or in denial about the mind.

edit – It only causes those deaths because those people are fearful of the world. I don’t have anything against traditional medicine. In fact, using medicine will often help the mind heal better.

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Question by imagreen20: How do I start my speech about education?
We have to make our own speech about education, and i must be 2-3 mins long. So I want to make a good introduction so my classmates won’t be bored. Help please, thanks!

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Answer by Greenfin X
You should start with the priority of education, then its benefits and after that you can add some references of some famous people in the history.

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Question by Daniel: Do you think educating the public about mental health issues would be a good thing to do?
I am studying community health in college, with a minor in health education. I am thinking about being a mental health advocate and a lobbyist someday. I also plan on educating the general public about many mental health issues, especially depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Do you think this is a good thing to do, in general? What good would come out of it?

Thanks a lot for your answers!

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Answer by +**+*love
Great idea! so people won’t be afraid and get help. When people think of mental health..they think of crazy and no one wants to be known as being stress that fact out. It would be good because you’ll help people regained their life in a type of a way.

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When you’re sick, it’s important to know how to describe how you feel. This vocabulary lesson will help you to talk about sickness and bodily pain!
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Question by David: What is illegal about religion and public schools?
Is it just that teachers are not allowed to promote religion (indicating prejudices?) or what? Since groups are allowed to promote religion in public schools, isn’t this illegal?

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Answer by favteacher
If a techer promotes religion, this is a violation of the prohibition against establishment of religion. A teacher is not a neutral person but a very powerful person, and students really have no way to reject his teaching.

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