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In the East Room of the White House, President Obama thanked American health care workers for their service on the frontlines of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. October 29, 2014.
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Rise Against - Re-Education (Through Labor) (Uncensored)

Music video by Rise Against performing Re-Education (Through Labor) – Uncensored. (C) 2008 DGC Records.

The Case Against Education - Bryan Caplan

Fascinating talk by Bryan Caplan on education at the Applying Liberty seminar on June 23, 2010. The lecture looks at answering the question: do schools provi…

Make Health Fair - Take Action Against Health Inequality

Did you know about the huge inequalities in health across the world? We want to make health fair! (Video concept: Karl…
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We all know about male bashing on television. Sadly, there is a similar bias in mental health research. This video give a quick glimpse into three studies which show this anti-male bias. We have all grown to trust “research” and when we hear that a study shows that “X is correct” we tend to automatically believe that “X” is correct. Research has taken on an almost divine ethos that carries the seal of approval of correctness. If science says it, it must be so. The problem of course is that science, especially social science, is less than concrete and is much more slippery than measuring a distance or the tensile strength of a bar of steel. Mental health research is much more vulnerable to values and ideologies of the researchers. If a scientist believes a certain thing it usually has little impact on his measurements of the tensile strength of the bar of steel. No matter what he believes the measurement will likely be the same. But what about issues in social sciences where researchers come to the table with a large amount of preconceived ideas, allegiances to ideologies that espouse strong opinions about those being studied or have traumatic life histories that bias them against certain groups? Can those sorts of things influence the “findings” of a social science study? You bet they can. Gone is the impartial judge weighing the evidence and sifting through the data to find the truth. In today’s world of social science research the opposite is happening: researchers are
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Question by Francesca: What role did religion play in persuading Americans to revolt against the British?
Was religion an important factor or no?


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Answer by Virbutinsal
Religion wasnt a high influence more taxes and control was the influence for the revolution.

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We’ve gone on at great lengths discussing the dangers of genetic modification. Monsanto’s GMO corn has been linked to weight gain and organ function disruption, while GMO crops and pesticides destroy our farmland and environment. According to the Alliance of Natural Health, the grandchildren of rats fed GMO corn were born sterile. GMO is just one of those things to avoid, but with our own government in bed with Monsanto, it’s not easily done. Monsanto has recently launched a proverbial war against the open labeling of genetically modified foods, and only through activism and awareness can it be overcome. The People Versus GMO In February of this year, Vermont contemplated the Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act. The proposed bill prohibits GMO food producers from using keywords like “natural,” “naturally made,” “naturally grown,” and “all natural” to describe GMO ingredients and products. In the same month, the National Conference of State Legislatures reported that nearly 20 states were considering similar programs. Public surveys and studies also show a whopping 90 percent of the US in favor of such practices. In theory, this should make California’s GMO labeling initiative, which would require all foods within the state made with GM ingredients to carry a label stating so, a shoo-in. But let’s not get so hasty. Leaders in the disinformation campaign launched against the labeling initiative cry out that it would be—like the infamous Proposition 65, “The Safe

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Question by amy s: What natural remedies can be used as effective prevention against fleas in cats?
Im not really into using chemicals on my cat so I was wondering if there are any natural remedies that actually work? I’ve heard that garlic tablets work, is this the case and has anyone else had experience with them?
How effective are flea collars?

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Answer by Daniel Paisa Colombiano
Soap is what stoped the black plague caused by fleas on rats

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Music video by Rise Against performing Re-Education (Through Labor). YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3171916. (C) 2008 DGC Records
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