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Puffy eyes, swollen eye bags and under the eye wrinkles can age a person’s face beyond their natural years. The solution is in the form of face fitness exerc…

Come explore and sign up for the ACTION SHIP a free weekly inspiration transmission to guide you towards the HEALTHY, HAPPY, ACTIVE life you were designed to live! Join Laura Hames Franklin in transforming your shoulders to a more relaxed, enjoyable state. Learn how to create change in your body but utilizing the power of your mind and tapping into your body’s nervous system. (This lesson will create the best results if you are fully focussed while you participate ie. turn of facebook and skype!) The Franklin Method teaches you effective and simple ways to create more ease, strength, flexibility and alignment simply by increasing your body’s awareness. If you understand the design and function of your body, you will able to bring that clarity into your vision, and thus improve your ability to use what you have available to you. And you can connect with me on.. Facebook: My Blog: Twitter: My Channel: SUBSCRIBE please lovely people because I LOVE that: Watch this Video here:
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