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Question by 257: How does an education background check work?
I am up for a position and they are in the process of running different background checks on me. The one that concerns me is the education background check.

I am exactly one class shy of earning the BS degree that I claimed on my CV. I walked during graduation and everything, but I never got the *incomplete* for that class cleared up and, hence, never completely fulfilled my graduation requirements.

In an education background check, do companies verify that you have the degree or just that you attended the university during the dates you claimed?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by amy p
Depends on the position and industry…

If having a degree is required for the position, they will verify that the degree was actually achieved. If not, attendance is what they will be looking for.

Be aware though that lying about your level of education, whether the degree is required or not, tells them loads about the type of employee you are. Even if they don’t require you to have the degree and they find out you lied, that alone could eliminate you from the running.

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