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Question by fischer61: Why is taking exercise before food best to health and exercise after food adversely affect health?
I heard from everyone that “take exercise before taking food. It is good to health. But taking exercise after food adversely affect health” Why?
Answers 1 and 3 are not good. Answer to the question please.

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Answer by Alex
You can exercise whenever you want too. I would advise not to workout at least 1-2 hours after eating because you don’t want to get sick!

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Hope this helps in some way shape or form. Please do not be too harsh on me, this is all I did, I’m not a pro or anything. This is just how I did it even though it didn’t seem like much. Any more questions ask them below and I will do follow up videos on my vlog channel the calorie counter is “myfitnesspal” use it, honestly, it helps SO much. 🙂 I am currently 163ish cm tall and weigh 56 kilos, size 6-8 in NZ (different to USA sizing etc) VLOG CHANNEL FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @xoshaaan INSTAGRAM: @shaaanxo Forbusiness enquiries, my email is SIGMA BRUSHES: If you want to buy brushes, here is my link to the Sigma website – I have some reviews on these brushes and you’ll see I use them in some of my tutorials 🙂 Camera I used to record this video: Canon EOS 60d Editing: done by me on iMovie NZ Hautelook/Cheap Makeup Site:

Question by : How much Education is required before an individual is considered for a position?
Working Adults are advancing their careers. (If they are working, why would they need more education)? Since 1946 we have provided hundreds of thousands of people with practical real world education, aimed at advancing their careers. That is the message I received. Yet no-one in this area is working. So how much education is required before an individual is considered for a position?

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Answer by fangtaiyang
It depends on the position

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