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I need help on what are the best exercises reduce love handles, simple exercise to reduce belly, exercises to lose weight, exercises to lose love handles, exercises for love handles, exercises for abs, exercises to lose weight fast, exercise routines

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Answer by Alexandra
Exercises designed to shed fat from particular parts of the body do not work, exercise sheds fat from all parts evenly. The best thing for you to do is to change your eating routine, and you will lose weight that way. Best of luck

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Question by Inceptor57: What exercises can I do to slim down my belly?
I have some exercises in mind : sit-up, crunches, planks and such. Are there any other exercises I can do in a normal gym to get my belly slimmer?


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Answer by Meg
Those are all good exercises, you could also add reverse crunches, v leg lifts, scissor crosses, leg raises,etc., however, belly fat can also be a sign of poor diet with too many carbohydrates. You may wish to look at what you are actually EATING. The exercises will tighten your muscles but you won’t see them if a poor diet covers them with unhealthy fat. Some items you could remove (if you are taking them ) are sodas, including diet soda, white bread and confectionery, candy and cakes / muffins.

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Question by Noa: What is the best exercise to lose belly fat?
After having kids and not exercising enough I’ve accumulated alot of belly fat in the past few years. I’m done with taking these pills that make my heart race and I’ve tried situps, crunches and ab rollers. What is actually the best exercise to lose belly fat fast?

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Answer by Bailey
Sit ups and crunchers. Oh yeah and planks.

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