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Healthy Ramen Recipe- BenjiManTV Subscribe 4 Food- ‪ Food, Follow Me- ‪ Healthy Ramen Recipe 1. Add Protein- protein will balance out the high amount of carbs in the noodles. – Chicken – Steak (Beef) – Pork – Seafood – Tofu 2. Add Vegetables- Ramen from packages typically are missing nutrients so adding vegetables adds a depth of health that make this a more balanced meal or snack. – Onions – Bell peppers – Mushrooms – Broccoli – Carrots – Cabbage – Herbs – Bean Sprouts 3. Reduce Sodium (Salt)- Packaged Ramen often of a high amount of sodium and the quality of sodium is not desirable for a healthy balanced diet. Cut out half the flavor packets and substitute it with spice (hot peppers or hot sauce) or your own high quality Sea Salt when eating. I love food, life, and everything about people!!! Travel, cooking, and especially eating are my favorite things to do other than hanging out with my woman ItsJudyTime. If you love food make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos on fun food stuff and cooking recipes. Benji’s Food Channel- BenjiManTV ‪ ‬ Judy’s Main Channel- ItsJudyTime ‪ Judy and Benji’s Vlog- ItsJudysLife ‪ shin raymun, ramen, top ramen, ramen recipe, recipe, youtube cooking, food battle, dinner,cook, cooking, how to cook, fast, food, quick, easy, breakfast, how to, diy, foods, drinks, weight loss, benji, benjimantv, benji man tv, judy, itsjudyslife, itsjudytime, youtube, food guy
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