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Question by Byron: How does a person know when they are ready to move beyond religion?
Some folks believe that religion is the way to express love to their deity, whether it be God, Allah , The All, etc. If a person renounces his or her religion, that that’s tantamount to declaring themselves atheistic. However, is it possible to retain and even grow a deeper love for your deity without religion? Where, in effect, you recognize that no one religion has the complete answer and that all religions have parts of the “right” answer?

Best answer:

Answer by Pokie
The only way you can do what you say is to declare that God cannot reveal Himself or that He hasn’t revealed Himself. But that is anti-religion root and stock. What God has revealed is the complete answer though not the total answer and the earliest religions recognized the sinfulness of not accepting that.

Deuteronomy 29:29
“The LORD our God has secrets known to no one. We are not accountable for them, but we and our children are accountable forever for all that he has revealed to us, so that we may obey all the terms of these instructions.

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