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Question by RS8389: Need help answering this question: “Is gender in the mind, body, or both?”?
I’m being interviewed for this magazine and need to send in an answer within the hour. “Is gender all in the mind, all in the body, or both? Please explain your viewpoint on this.”
Please help cause I can’t think of anything that I particularly like enough to make it in print! Doesn’t need to be very long. Maybe a paragraph at the most. Thanks so much!! I’d really appreciate it!!

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Answer by Beyond
gender is between the ears, sex is between the legs.

how’s that for a quick quote?

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Question by Hello123: How has religion influenced the creation of government in both North and South Korea?
Any specific laws that have been influenced by religion? How do politics and religion interact in the modern-day North and South Korea? Has religion had an influence in the military?

These are some of the questions I am working on for my research project, feel free to add any more information that could be relevant to religion’s influence on government! THANK YOU! =D

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Answer by Jeff Timm
I’m unsure about the scenario with South Korea, but in North Korea, the head of government is seen as a divine figure in a religious system known as a “cult of personality”. Like the Pharaohs of Egypt, or King Bhumibol of Thailand, Kim Jong Il is seen by North Korean citizens as an infallible leader and god.

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