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A simple mindfulness meditation, with mindful verses and little seated “Tai-chi” at the end. Over the past 20 years Robert Rivest has practiced a variety of wellness and stress management techniques such as meditation, breathwork, yoga, tai-chi, and qigong (his day job is as a comic mime and laughter yoga teacher- see In 1997 he artistically shaped them into a lively bled of Breath, Movement, and Imagery. He calls it Allia Flow: Mindful Meditation, Creative Tai-Chi. Allia Flow is a clear, simple, enjoyable way to feel more alert, awake and alive, yet calm and at ease. Robert Rivest has a wonderful way of simplifying and sharing key elements of Meditation and Tai-Chi with people who have never practiced, tried or even heard of them before. Allia Flow: Mindful Meditation and Creative Tai-Chi Classes, Workshops and Seminars consist of: Meditation: Sitting in a comfortable upright posture (in chairs or on the floor) Robert offers guided meditations that help build concentration and relax the body such as listening meditation, breath awareness meditation, body awareness meditation, nature imagery meditation and mindful verses. Transition Exercises: A series of isolation movements and light opening stretches that re-awaken the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons preparing the body and mind for standing and moving. Standing for Energy: There are ways of standing that drain your energy and ways that give you energy. Robert shares a series of energy boosting
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