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This video highlights the impacts of gaps in Aboriginal Education and the opportunities to improve the quality of life for all Canadians.
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Question by Humanoid: What are some infant/toddler teacher education programs in the USA and Canada?
What are some infant/toddler teacher education programs in the USA and Canada?
I’m looking for a teacher education program in the USA or Canada that focuses specifically on infant/toddler education. Ideally it would be a master’s degree program as I already have a bachelor’s in early childhood education, but any suggestions would be helpful.

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Answer by David
Early Childhood Education program is considered best educational program for making career in this field. I would suggest you to visit – for finding information on teaching education programs. Here you can also find list of schools offering such educational program.

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Question by viviann p: How is education in Canada unique to the education system United States has?
I need to know teaching methods, their expectations, ethnic diversity and social class that has been proven to work and benefit those students of Canada, and that might help the United States improve their education system.

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Answer by Yessur
Well a friend of mine who use to live down in the US said that cources are much more challenging, but the teachers try their hardest to help students meet the expectations by explaining subjects thoroughly, being fun, and uhh, dedication. My math teacher would often tell funny stories of her life and such, and this helps unify the classroom because it keeps the students attention towards the teacher.

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Question by Jacob J: How much education is required to be qualified for Immigration to Canada?
This is in relation to another question I asked.

Under the categories, Provincial Nominee, Skilled Worker, and the new Canadian Experience Class, what is the least amount of education required for Immigration to Canada?

Some people keep saying you need to have at least a 4 year degree or a baccalaureate etc to be qualified, yet the Canada Immigration website says you can qualify with less (2 year diploma, etc). So I’m just curious what should I believe and does anyone else have an idea of what the least amount of education is required?

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Answer by leon7g
You can actually qualify with no diploma under provincial nominee. Alberta and BC have semi-skilled options under their PNP’s so if you have experience as a bell hop, hotel room cleaner, kitchen helper, fast food worker and some others, you are in. You would only need a job offer from said province doing one of the jobs listed and apply for temporary work permit. Once you are working, you can apply to the PNP with the help of your employer and get permanent residency.

For skilled worker, you apply under a points system. You can get points for education, work experience, language skills, age and other things. You are ok to have fewer points in the education category if you have a lot of points in the other ones.

For Canadian experience, you can get it if you are considered a skilled worker. They have a code number for jobs, you can go to and enter your job title and you’ll get some matching job titles back with 4 digit numbers. The 2nd number tells you the skill level of the job. If the 2nd letter is 0, 1 or 2, it’s a skilled job. If it’s 4 or 6, it’s a low skilled.

You can also be a skilled worker without having any university, that is if you are a tradesman.

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