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Question by Professor Mcduck: health care myths? health care facts? myth 1- health care reform is expensive?
FACT 1- health care reform will save us a lot of money

myth 2- health care reform will deny grandma health care
FACT 2- insurance companies deny health care, health care reform stops this from happening ever

myth3- countries with health care reform have waiting lines
fact- insurance companies make you wait for health care if you cant pay for it, which is a really long waiting line if you are poor. health care reform gives everyone equal access, which is good.

myth 4- health care reform is “socialist”.
FACT- if health care reform is socialist then so is the police department! the firefighters! roads! LOL! there is nothing socialist about health care reform!

myth 5- health care should be for profit and to make the most money possible
FACT 5- health care should be about health care. nothing else. health care reform makes it illegal for greedy doctors and insurance companies to profit to much, making health care more of a priority.

myth 6- health care reform is bad.
FACT- health care reform is good.

myth 7- fox news told me that health care reform means obama will take over health care
FACT- faux news shouldnt be watched and you shouldnt hate obama because he is black.

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Answer by S. H.
yeah haha like obama could take over anything, he’s a weak president, if he were SMART he would’ve said these facts not you, it’s what any other democratic president would’ve done

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Question by Rosie: Health care, recommendations for improvement?
Any suggestions for improving health care include cost, health care facilities, health care workers, business, consumers, and the government

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Answer by Mr. Smartypants

First of all we need a national insurance system where everyone is covered in the same big pool. So insurance companies don’t have an incentive to only cover healthy people. We actually have a system like this, Medicare. If we simply expanded Medicare to cover everyone in the country, we would save literally hundreds of billions of dollars in the first year, and get measurably the same or better care. Medicare is not only a lot cheaper than commercial insurance, it actually has a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Universal coverage would mean better ‘well care’, better prevention, earlier detection of diseases that are easier/cheaper to treat if discovered early. It would mean seeing a certain level of health care as a right of citizenship, like police and fire protection, education, use of roads and bridges, etc.

Secondly, we need to get a handle on the cost of drugs. Most countries do this by negotiating with drug companies but for some reason we aren’t allowed to do that here in the US. The thing is, though, many of these drugs are developed mostly or partly with public money. We need to demand a share of public ownership for a share of public funding. Vaccines are an excellent example of this. ALL vaccines are developed at public expense, but drug companies are allowed to charge whatever they want. It’s more profitable for them to vaccinate SOME people, but the idea of public funding is to make vaccines available to ALL. It’s like having the taxpayers pay to build a bridge, but then letting the company that built the bridge set up their own tollbooths.

Finally we have to manage health care through some coherent public policy, not just let everyone do what he wants. Every single clinic and hospital doesn’t need an MRI machine, and then have to use it all the time to pay for it. In Canada if you need some treatment that isn’t available in your town the govt. will fly you to the nearest big city, and that’s cheaper than mindless and short-sighted duplication of expensive infrastructure.

The philosophy over all is that the purpose of health care policy is to make health care available to people who need it. Not simply to make profits for a few enormous corporations, as it is in the US. Our entire health care system in the US is ‘owned’ by a handful of corporations who see actually providing healthcare as an unavoidable ‘cost of doing business’, to be minimized however possible.

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Question by Zach: Does anyone care about mens mental health?
I read that no body does, I read that in Canada theres not much for mens mental health, why is this?? So if I have depression and other problems, it’s not possible for me to get help??

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Answer by flower
First Step to Help

The Bible says that Jesus came that we “might have life, and might have it abundantly” (John 10:10, NAS). Certainly, depression is not abundant life. But you can be assured, God wants you to find His peace and joy. He will help you because you are very, very important to Him.

Are you in a position to receive God’s gift of “abundant life”? If you are not certain, ask God right now to forgive you for your sins and to come and rule in your life (Romans 10:9, 10,13; I John 1:8,9; John 1:12,13). The Bible describes what happens the moment you first give your life to God as being “born again.” Spiritually you are a new person. But you now need to learn a new way of living. God will help you. Ask Him to fill you completely with His Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13). God’s Spirit will give you the power to live like God wants you to live. The Holy Spirit guides, comforts, teaches, empowers and produces within a Christian the actual characteristics of God — love, joy, peace, patience and more (Galatians 5:22-23). And it is when you are living the way God wants that you will experience the full and joyful life God has for you.

When you are born again, God takes up residence in your spirit. He brings with Him the promise of great joy and peace, sometimes immediately. But what if you are now a Christian and you are depressed? You are not alone. Many people of faith have experienced periods of deep depression. The Bible stories of Moses, David and so many others show us how God’s love continues even during these times and that He eventually brings great hope.

What You Can Do

What can you do to overcome depression? It depends on why you are depressed. There are many possible reasons, but since more than one may be present in your life, read all the sections below:

Physical: Some depression is caused by physical problems. Improper diet, lack of exercise, and not enough sleep can all contribute to depression. So if you are feeling “down,” make sure you are taking care of your body.

In addition, many illnesses can cause depression (others may be caused by depression). Also, some medications can cause depression. It’s always a good idea to see your doctor for a checkup t rule out physical reasons. But remember, God can heal any physical problem, including one that causes, or is caused by, depression (Psalm 103:3; Matthew 8:16-17).

If your doctor has diagnosed a particular problem, ask your prayer partner, pastor, Christian counselor or other Christian to pray with you for God’s healing (James 5:14-16). But if you are taking medication for any problem, consult your doctor before changing or stopping it.

Losses and Other Hurts: When something you see as bad happens to you, it’s normal to feel hurt. You may have lost your job or other financial security. You may have been wronged in some way, recently or in the past. You may have a bad relationship with a friend, family member, or spouse. A loved one may have died. Or you may even be hurting about something you’ve never had, but feel you should have, such as a spouse or children. It is okay for you to hurt over a situation like this. Tell God about your hurt. He already knows, but it is important for you to put the hurt into words and tell Him. Also tell a trusted friend or pastor, or consult a Christian counselor. Allow yourself to cry if you want to. Normal grieving, including crying, is healthy.

The Bible says that Jesus “bore our griefs” on the cross (Isaiah 53:4 NAS). He feels our pain as strongly as we do and will carry it for us. Give your hurt to Him. Then resolve not to dwell on it again.

Sin: Sometimes depression is rooted in sin. You will never be at peace if you ignore something in your life that you know is against God’s will (I Timothy 1:19). If you know you are doing or have done something against God’s will, admit to God that it is wrong. Then ask His help in doing what is right. If you admit your sin and turn from it, God has promised to forgive you completely, and cleanse you from the sin (I John 1:9). Trust Him to do it.

If it is an ongoing sin and it seems too big for you to deal with, just deal with it today, this moment. Tell God that with His help you will do the right thing right now. In addition, you may need to take some action to make up for your sin with those you have wronged. You may need a pastor or Christian counselor to help you decide what to do.

Don’t forget to obey God in the small things. Very often, it is because we have chosen to ignore Him in the small things that we slowly slip into deeper problems. You can reverse this slide. If you obey God in the small things, it will help put you back on track in the larger things. You may need to obey Him in something so simple as getting up early enough to get to work on time without rushing.

Wrong Thinking: What do you think about right before you feel depressed? Do you think such things as “I’m no good,” or “I can’t do anything ri

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