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National Teacher of the Year Finalist, Rob Stephenson, presents instructional strategies and the integration of STEM education challenges in his third grade …

19th century public health

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Eugene Schwartz talks of Waldorf Education and how it applies to the children of today and tomorrow.
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This video by EdLeader21 and Pearson Foundation focuses on how the 4C’s are being implemented in three parts of the country.
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In the 21st century, the most perceptive educational thinkers recognize that something new is happening to learning. Models of providing an education that de…

Question by Humad Shah: What are some major health problems faced by the youth of the 21st century?
I need to write an essay on one or more health problems faced by the youth of the 21st century. Which health problem should I write on, and why?

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Answer by tuffy
Obesity and/or lack of exercise

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21st Century Education

21st Century Education.
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21st Century Education This video was produced by the New Brunswick Department of Education to stimulate discussion among educators and other stakeholders in public education in the province of New Brunswick. The 21st Century presents unique challenges for education worldwide. In order to keep pace with global change we must focus on 21st Century Skills and public education must adapt to keep students engaged. Rigor and relevance are key,
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