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Artist: Armin van Buuren Album: Universal Religion Chapter One Year: 2003 Tracklist: 01. Mark Otten – “Mushroom Therapy (Lightscape Mix)” 00:00 02. Lolo – “E…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Attraction – The Core of Your Success Depends on What You Are You may not have realized that Attraction became a Law in 1902. Neither did I – but that is where this current popular scene of the “Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” DVD tends to start with. Yes, there are even earlier books than this (Thomas Troward, mainly) – and Huna is even earlier, but what itself unknown to these writers… Our interest here is in exploring all the classic, all-time bestsellers and the core books behind the effective modern self-help. Sure, there is a bunch of stuff categorized as trash out there. And you and I can simply study the proved classics and know that they will give us what we are looking for – in order to improve our lives. Again – and I’ll repeat this over and over – don’t take my word for this, or any of these authors. The only way these will work is if you prove them to yourself by trying them out in your actions. And yes, I suggest you do at least a 30-day trial, if not a 365-day transformation project in order to do your testing and sort out these basic principles for yourself. As I am, you will learn all sorts of data – which then become an intrinsic part of you from here on out. And the former cares of this planet tend to fall away as you simply put your attention on what is really important. These importances can and will make your dreams become reality – dependent only on how much of your personal faith you put behind them. There is a road to
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