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Question by Barefooted: Is it okay to go to a community college course in bare feet?
I am thinking of attending a self improvement/confidence building course which is run over one day at community college. I usually prefer to go barefoot most of the time, is it okay to attend the workshop barefoot?

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Answer by Kiara
That’s just unsanitary and makes you look like trash (no offense).
If you don’t wanna wear tennis shoes at least put on some sleepers!

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Question by Ciarra L: What kind of degree do I need to teach early childhood education college courses?
I’m currently in school now, going for my BA in early childhood education. But I’m also interested in becoming a college professor and teaching early childhood education courses to college and/or university students. I’m a little confused on what degree I’ll need to do this (specifically the title of the degree). Do I just need an MA in early childhood education? Or would I need something else as well? Maybe someone can clear up my confusion. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Jimbobby2753
Check with your college advisor.

Check the state requirements in the state in which you live.

Google: Professor education requirements.

Usually a professor is required to have a doctorate and so many hours in their specilization.


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Question by Jackie Brown: What is the value of a college education nowadays?
More and more I see the individuals making millions just by acting, and acting out; I wonder why we still encourage an education. It is tough to justify an education when for most it doesn’t seem to pay off. Personally, I just finished my graduate degree ( still wondering if it was worth it). I don’t know that I will “force” an education on my children like my parents did. Instead, I’ll let them finish high school, and let them do what makes them happy. Does anyone see the value of an education going down?

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Answer by TaxMan
One “college education” is not equal to another.

Getting a degree in computer science or business is very valuable.
Getting a degree in art history is, on average, worth less than the cost of the education.

I would say that if they know what job they want, they should go to college or tech school based on what is required for the job. If they are still confused, they should get a job for a few years first. It is insane how much money is wasted on 18 year old kids that have no idea why they are going to college.

Some of the lucky ones get good jobs, but more and more of them would have been better off waiting.

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