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Question by keylogga13: Could I go TDY in the Air Force to help build schools in Africa?
I am in the Air Force. I want to go to Africa through an accredited organization to help build schools. It’s on my own, but I’ve heard of people going TDY for personal reasons such as running a marathon somewhere because it’s considered self-improvement. Could I go TDY to accomplish this instead of taking leave? It will only be for about a month. Any info greatly appreciated.

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Answer by gregster
if such an event were available, you’d have to correlate this through your supervision on up to your cc. i wouldn’t have your hopes set too high.

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Question by musiclover2008: Where could I find the latest data in Mental health in the Philippines?
I have this report in our Health Education class and I need the latest data on Mental health in the Philippines because my professor won’t accept my data and quotes it as “obsolete” can you please help me… Thanks

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Answer by curious
Google “Mental Health in the Philippines Data” Or ask the Reference Librarian
at your schoo, Public or State Library to help you find the data you need.

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Question by linz509: What mental health services could you benefit from?
Hi, I’m conducting an informal survey for mental health services, my question is, if you were to receive counseling or assistance from a mental health services provider, what would you want? For example if you are depressed, what kind of attention/care would you hope to get? I appreciate your time. Thanks!

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Answer by petrof_skinsky
I am already on medication for both BiPolar and anxiety, so I suppose that talk therapy about the causes of my episodes would be helpful, too.

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